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natural deodorant sweat test

For three weeks I traded in my armor clinical strength antiperspirant for three natural deodorants and conducted a “sweat-off”. I tested each brand for a week at a time, applying it once in the morning and measuring how it performed against my lifestyle. Performance = combating odour and overall freshness. My lifestyle = manning this […]

may workout playlist!

workout playlist – may 2010 Is your workout playlist stuck on repeat? Here are some old & new tracks to get your headphones (and body) jumping. BULLETPROOF – LA ROUX Super-fun summer pop perfect for, like, team workouts and getting-ready parties and stuff! LITTLE LION MAN – MUMFORD AND SONS The vocals are so warm […]

if you’re guilty and you know it…

… clap your hands! Here at lululemon athletica’s Store Support Centre, we have a truly wonderful yoga and fitness program. Five days a week, instructors come into our light-filled studio to conduct classes consisting of various styles and degrees of difficulty throughout the day – and all you have to do is grab a (provided) […]

few of my favorite run things

I love running. I love sweating. Here are a few of my favorite things to run half marathons in, and get my sweat on in bootcamp in. I am in love with the RUN Swiftly Racerback, paired with a Flow Y.  (Cold days you’ll find me in a RUN Swiftly Tech LS). Super lightweight, wicks my sweat […]

sweat once a day: recap

The online community team started 2010 off the right way by challenging ourselves, the company and the world to truly live up to our manifesto’s quote of sweat once a day. We announced the challenge at the beginning of the month and were excited to see who would come along for the ride. The results: everyone […]

why we love this: run team spirit crops

It is the New Year and we know you’re hitting the pavement and treadmills on your way to your first ½ marathon. You stocked up on whole-wheat pasta, fruits, veggies and water on your way to a new you, and the Run:Team Spirit Crops are the whole grains to your pantry of training gear for 2010. […]

sweat once a day

Our online community team has started 2010 off with a sweaty bang. We have made the commitment to sweat once a day and want you to take the challenge with us! Sweat once a day with the online community team. We are running, walking, doing yoga, circuit training, flexing in Daily Method, swimming, and sweating […]

the run date

Change up your dating routine and ask someone out on a ‘running date’! “What in the world is a ‘run date’, Elyse?”. “Only my favorite kind,” I replied. I was chatting with a friend during an easy jog, and as what frequently happens in the world of a twenty-something single female, the topic of dating […]

meet our lake oswego showroom manager

Meet Haley, the Lake Oswego Showroom manager, in Lake Oswego, Oregon What is your role at lululemon? Lake Oswego Showroom Manager What is the difference between a showroom and a store? The intention of a showroom is bring the lululemon culture to a community where we do not have a store. Unlike stores, showrooms are not […]

sweat once a day… even on vacation

I just returned from a week-long vacation on the west coast. Relaxing? Of course. Interesting? Always. Hot? Definitely! How convenient that I was escaping the rarity of rain in Toronto to be greeted by record-breaking heat in Vancouver and Seattle. While I had no problem leaving my email and work behind, I found it difficult […]