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best of ask a yogi

Over the past year you’ve poured your hearts out to our ambassadors and asked them all of your deepest, darkest, yoga questions from studio etiquette to injury prevention. Here’s a roundup of the top 10 Ask a Yogi highlights from 2010. help! i sweat so much in yoga that i slip “Even in non hot […]

what kind of yoga for injuries?

you asked I have tight gluteals from a sacral fracture three years ago. What type of yoga would you recommend that protects my low back, opens my sacrum, and stretches my gluteals, hamstrings, and calves? Thank you. – Angie a yogi answers Yin Yoga is fantastic, just be aware of hurting your back. One of […]

chair exercises for lower back pain

Engage your abdomen! you asked My lower back tends to get really stiff from sitting, usually incorrectly, at work :0. Any recommendations on poses that I could easily do in my office to loosen the tension in my lower back? – Marianne How do you protect your lower back? In some yoga classes my back […]

yoga and cardio: the perfect mix?

Can you get buff doing only yoga, or is cardio needed too? you asked These pictures are amazing. I have a few yoga instructors who have the most amazing bodies say that they only do yoga, no cardio. How do you feel about that? I do a lot of vinyasa flow classes and definitely work […]

yoga for men

you asked Ted, how did you get into yoga? I think it would be very beneficial for my boyfriend, but I have a feeling yoga would be way outside of his comfort zone. – elaine a yogi answers My friend took me to my first yoga class. I’ve been an athlete my entire life and […]

ask a yogi is back!

Our Ask a Yogi column is back, with three great new yogis! Meet Ted, Grace and Kinndli, lululemon ambassadors and yogis, ready for your yoga questions. ted Ted in Exalted Warrior on the California coast more info on ted ambassador at lululemon Malibu yoga teacher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, endurance athlete, avid traveler founder of Adventure Yoga […]