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tofino in 24 hours

You don’t have to hit the Islands of Hawaii to experience incredible beaches, world famous surfing and life changing fish tacos. Tofino, British Columbia is near and dear to our heart (and home) and serves up the ultimate stay-cation for BC residents. If you are looking for a seriously west coast experience, Tofino is (literally) […]

#vannaontherun – portland

Contrary to popular belief it is still possible to get lost (even if you have an iPhone). Portland, you seriously tested our bearings and put Siri to work. Despite frustrated “aarghs”, wrong turns and the brief 20 minutes when we COULD NOT FIND VANNA, it was hard to stay mad at you and your strange […]

#vannaontherun – bend

Bend (verb): To take on a curved, angled shape or cause something to do this or a very accurate name for a town whose limits curve around the Deschutes River and whose yoga teachers can convince your body into shapes you’ve never tried before! Other then getting bendy (I’m so punny right?) here’s what we […]

4 things you must do this weekend

happy weekend!

going the distance: ultramarathons

People who run marathons are incredibly fit, incredibly inspiring and, well, simply incredible. People who run ultramarathons are all of the above with the  (and we mean this is the best way possible) addition of incredibly crazy. We asked ultramarathoner and SoHo store ambassador, Tom Cripps, a few questions about going the distance. an interview […]

screens need sunshine too

Goodbye April showers, hello May flowers!  Go from uninspired to suninspired with these wallpapers for all your digital screens. 

yoga in amsterdam

When you’ve been travelling, your body can get confused. How do you explain “missed flight” and “jet lag” to your joints and ligaments? Our mission when we landed in Amsterdam last month (en route to Belgium to support the Specialized-lululemon cycling team): find yoga. vondelpark: yoga found us The scene: a misty early morning in […]

keeping healthy on the road

We can’t help but daydream our way through spring with visions of sing-along, top-down, hair-blowing-in-the-wind road trips with our best pals. This is, after all, what summer’s all about, right? Between Wanderlust, music festivals and cabin getaways, our healthy (albeit ‘balanced’) lifestyle can get left behind. Soho educator, Dorry, gives us her roadmap for keeping healthy […]

coachella playlist 2012

Last year, Alexis advised people heading to Coachella on the plateaus and pitfalls of getting awesome in the music festival circuit. She wrote her entry from a wistful yet wise point-of-view, dispensing such sage advice as “your sunglasses will be in every photo – if they are the weak link in your bag, fix it” […]

run the world

Before Joanna came to lululemon (you know her as the quick-witted writer responsible for one-liners like this) she could be found serving cocktails at 30,000ft and reminding us that the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign. With limited time between landings and take-offs, her favourite way to see the world was by foot (and […]