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we made too much

Notice anything different about our site today? Based on feedback from our guests and employees, we’ve renamed the Loot section to something that more accurately describes what it contains. Online guests, say hi to We Made Too Much, the section of our website formerly known as Loot. Has anything changed about this section, other than […]

this just in – a new arrivals page!

As of this morning, we have a new page on lululemon.com that will make your shopping experience on our site better. It’s called This Just In and – you guessed it! – it’s a page to outline the new arrivals to hit our site. three reasons why this page is awesome No more sorting by […]

what’s up at the GEC

“Thank you for calling lululemon! It’s Elissa speaking.” Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at the Guest Education Centre? I’m going to tell you – a lot. More than you’d expect. Today there was even a piñata. Intriguing? Read on… Over the course of any given day, we wear a lot of hats. […]

meet our multimedia developer

Ever wonder who is hard at work making our website work? Wonder no longer, and meet Ronnh – one part web developer, one part art director, he also made this very blog you are reading! What do you do at lululemon? I am part of the ecommerce/webteam. I am mostly in charge of contributing to […]

our community update: Q1 2009

We tend to do things a little differently around the lululemon parts. Rather than update our board of directors with an endless stream of charts and powerpoint presentations, this year we tried to capture what we’re doing in our communities through video. What you see below is the latest in a series of videos that […]