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where to travel

5 trips we’re into this year for the curious culture-seeker Bhutan The first time I ever heard of Bhutan was when I hopped a flight from Bangkok to Calcutta courtesy of Bhutan Air. As it turns out, this often-overlooked landlocked nation is a pretty interesting place and still relatively untouched by tourism. fast facts: Bhutan […]

brace yourselves

Welcoming a whole new level of support: the bracer family is designed for high impact sports and long distance running. The bras are designed to solve the unique needs of a range of cup sizes, so your cup size determines which bra you wear. the bracer family the technology This technology uses encapsulation: by separating […]

brace yourself: the booby

The booby bracer is developed for D to E cup runners. It’s specially designed for high-impact sports, and long distance running. Truth bomb: it’s tight – this is intentional and is an important feature of its bonded construction. The fit will relax a little once your body heats up. Customize your comfort and ensure a […]

come on, get strappy

introducing Full-On Luon

We’re always innovating and pushing the envelope when it comes to the design, fit and function of our product, and this includes innovations around Luon®. We’ve been working hard for over two years to develop a new member of our Luon® fabric family. I’m so excited to introduce you to Full-On Luon®. Our team of […]

app hitlist | patio 2013

Calvin, our app specialist has put together his summer app hitlist. Check out what you’ll need for that perfect 5pm patio sesh In case you didn’t know why everyone is glowing red… summer has finally arrived.  And I know you’re waiting for the clock to strike 5pm so you can hit that sunny patio along […]

a glimpse at new gear: spin it to win it

WHY WE LOVE THIS “The weather is changing and that means we are taking our ride inside. Although I’ll miss the fresh air, I’m happy to ditch my helmet hair and I’m always up for a good playlist (bring on that ’90s techno). Our designers made this gear to keep us covered and cool because […]

why we love this: the tight & mini

Why I love the Tight & Mini? Surprise! Who knew there was anything more you could do with a legging! The Tight & Mini came out recently and I was skeptical at first sight. What was that flap of fabric? Did I really need another pair of leggings? How different could this pair be? Of course, the […]

why we love this: slipless headband

Stop the mania. The this-is-not-the-right-head-band-for-me mania! Do you have slick hair? An odd-shaped head? Bangs? A mild case of generalized anxiety disorder and an empty pocketbook from testing every kind of headband out there, only to be left with a general feeling of malaise from constant slippage? Look no further than the Slipless Headband, made […]

why we love this: game day jacket

Above: We love the Game Day Jacket so much, we wanted to give you a full 360 view! I often sulked at the idea of having to springerize/summerize my wardrobe; to put all my winter clothes aside and bring my spring/summer clothes to the forefront. So when the Game Day Jacket came in, I was […]