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meet the run: reflection line

Our designers are making it safer for nighttime and early morning runners by creating reflective swift fabric this fall found in the run:reflection line!

road to the half marathon: week 6

Time to run the holiday weekend off! At least that’s what my alarm said this morning at 6am. My long run was delayed to this morning this week, as the 4th of July festivities around me begged to differ with my training schedule. Nonetheless, I woke up and ran the 7 miles I owed this morning, and might have sweat out a bit of the holiday cocktails we enjoyed at the river this weekend.

road to the half marathon: training week 4

This week in training, I found a bit of a breakthrough. No not because I killed it on all of my runs, or because I ate all the right things to fuel my training, but quite the opposite. I ran once this week. One time. So to say I was proud of my training, I’d be lying. However, this week taught me one amazing lesson regardless of circumstance and excuses, I am the sole catalyst of my successes and failures.

road to the half marathon: training week 3

Let’s talk about food. All of these miles have made me hungry and I am so thankful for all the recipes you guys have left me. I am always on the look out for delicious protein packed, natural, vegetarian options so keep shouting them my way. Every day I know if I have eaten enough […]

want to run a marathon?

We come across hundreds of guests in our fit rooms dying to run a marathon, but fear of the unknown tends to hold them back. In those fit rooms we will goal coach your way into your first race, and then provide complimentary yoga classes and possibly a run club to help you train. As educators we will find the perfect outfit that accommodates your running needs. But when it comes to how to train for your first marathon, we leave those answers to the best experts we know, our ambassadors.