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wunder under challenge: day 11

How much do you love color!!? Just seeing some bright color on my body can make me happy and light, especially when it’s cold and grey. Are there any colors that put a smile on your face? My lululemon pieces today: -Pulse Wrap (try this season’s Cocoon Wrap) -Cool Racerback -Wunder Under Crop

wunder under challenge: day 9

My day 9 learnings: -I really like 3 lululemon pieces the most: Wunder Unders (though we can talk about that again on day 31), Cool Racerback and Flow Y Bras -Dressing for a work out means you have to go -I really can make time for yoga or run almost everyday! Today’s lululemon pieces: -Cool Racerback […]

wunder under challenge: day 7

Today we experienced a drop in temperature for beautiful Vancouver with a cold hard sun in the sky. For my trek to the office I layered thick socks and a wool sweater over my luon for warmth. You can’t see it but I’m using the Run: Brisk LS as a mid-layer between my tank and […]

wunder under challenge: day 4

Just by changing my footwear, I’m off the street and in the zone for an hour at the gym of weight training and cardio. Because I take public transit, it’s key for me to pack light. All I have to bring along with me are my running socks and runners. The lululemon pieces getting me […]

wunder under challenge: day 3

It’s day three of the Wunder Under Challenge and I’m ready for some hot yoga! My challenge outfit today consists of: – Wunder Under Pant – Cool Racerback – The Essential Gym bag. Check out the Best Basic Yoga Tote for a bag that can store your gear and your mat! Where are you sweating […]

wunder under challenge

Elim will be rotating between one pair of Wunder Under Pants and crops for an entire month! Do you think you could do this challenge? Recently, our Online Content Specialist, Alana, and I were inspired by two blogs we came upon separately. Both sent a message of fiscally and environmentally responsible clothing habits. We are […]