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meet us on monday – andrew

Meet Andrew. He’s doing wheelies on his BMX or enjoying a guerilla yoga class when he isn’t rocking lululemon’s Business Solutions team! what’s something unique or surprising about you? Some years back, I quit a lucrative but “stifling” career in the U.S. I sold my cars, boxed up my “stuff”, and went on a walkabout. My […]

guerilla yoga 101

As sand squidged between my toes, I made my way into downward dog and caught a great upside-down view of English Bay. Around me friends and brand-new friends let their city stresses go as we laughed off the weather and pointed our toes up into the sky for three-legged dog. Somewhere to my left a flash went off – just a Swedish author, working on a book about Vancouver culture, taking a picture. Welcome to guerilla yoga.