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a glimpse at new gear: the Mat

WHY WE LOVE THIS This mat is like the red carpet of yoga mats. It is designed with a natural rubber base that keeps it securely on the floor (it also provides incredible support). The top layer is made with smooth polyurethane that will make you want to linger a little longer in Savasana. The […]

a glimpse at new gear: the towel mat

WHY WE LOVE THIS Practicing yoga in 105˚F heat can get really, really sticky. We engineered The Towel Mat with that kind of sweaty intensity in mind. The absorbent microfiber top and acrylic print were designed to keep you from slipping around and a grippy rubber base helps to keep the mat in place. This […]

a glimpse at new gear: the pure mat is pure genius

Natural rubber is a soft and stable surface. It gives The Pure Mat the kind of cushiony feel that makes you want to Down Dog. The ultra-grippy surface makes it easy to get a grip – even when things get sweaty.  Natural rubber does have a slight scent that will fade over time (turns out […]

(re)treat yourself: yoga retreats

Here in Vancouver, we’re in the middle of the annual long-weekend drought. We decided to see it as an opportunity to create our own mini-vacations, whether close to home or abroad. The same spirit that brought you “Happy Place Friday” is bringing you “(Re)treat Yourself,” a bevy of yoga retreats. Consider booking some vacation time soon. The long […]

bikram yoga: hot or not?

Little known fact: The Mat yoga mat doubles as a message board. Which two words have a way of starting a hot debate at our office? Easy. Bikram Yoga. The regimented practice has a way of either winning die-hard fans or strong opposition. Here’s what we’ve noticed makes people hot or cold (pun intended). the routine According […]

some like it hot: tips from the experts

There’s nothing like a hot yoga class. If you’ve been, you know what we’re talking about. It seems a little intimidating but it’s the perfect choice for beginners and experts alike. We paneled our experts on your behalf and asked our guests on Facebook. Here are some must-knows for the sweaty and rejuvenating experience ahead. (Many yogis had similar suggestions […]

a playlist for the great indoors

Union Square ambassador Rima Rabbath embraces her inner homebody Ever have trouble making it to the yoga studio? Busy schedules, travelling, difficult weather - it can be hard to keep up your practice. Don’t let a change in routine stop you. Our friend Andrew (from Ottawa’s Rideau Centre store) has just the ticket to celebrate the great indoors and keep your yoga practice alive […]

yoga accessories and tools of the trade

“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.” – Rodney Yee. Here are a few other things to think about in the search of your tools of the yoga trade.

travelling yogi tips

Taking your downdog on the road? Our ambassador Nicky Poole from lululemon Cumberland Street writes about her favourite items to travel in. I travel regularly for yoga: to conferences, retreats and teacher trainings. Over the years I’ve perfected the art of travelling light, travelling smart, and using multi-purpose items on my journeys! from plane to […]

the no-mat: get your om on!

The No-Mat is so haute right now. If fashion ever met function on a blissful reality dating TV show, and then decided to have a child together, they’d produce the No-Mat.