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thinking about a yoga quest?

breathe deeply… and then teach someone else how to Every spring, I get the itch. I need adventure – my body craves a departure from my day-to-day. One year, it was Madagascar. The next, Malaysia. This year, the travel bug bit me just as my inner yogi whispered teacher training, and soon I was bidding […]

am I ready for yoga teacher training?

you asked How does one know if they are ready to take on yoga teacher training? Is there a specific level of expertise that one should have? Does one need to have a dedicated daily yoga practice? – Kelly three yogis answer Kinndli’s answer: The thing is, you will NEVER feel ready! But you have […]

be the change

This blog was written by Jessika who recently completed her yoga teacher training and is an educator at our Vaughan Mill’s lululemon. Be the change. – Gandhi When I decided to take my yoga teacher training I tried to put my expectations on a leash. I tried not to imagine all the wonderful changes that […]