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Why are my pants bunching? Do these fit me? Are these pants too big? Why do these pants wedge up like this?

I have heard all these questions and more a million times over as an educator at lululemon. So today, I'm going to solve all your queries and be your personal "Fit Expert".

First things first: here are my simple guidelines to knowing the pants you are trying on are fitting you right. All you have to do is look down, at your crotch! Yup, you heard right!

When you stand up straight, take a look how the fabric is sitting on you. If you get puckering or bagging, that's excess fabric, and yep -- those pants are too big for you. Are the pants pulling a little? or maybe you are getting what I like to call "cat whiskers" on the front? This often means the pants are too small. Sometimes I do find this can always be attributed to my curvy hips and I just need a different cut. To determine which it is, check out that booty: does it have shine? When you see shine when wearing our garments it means the fabric is a bit too stretched. What you want to look for to know you have that ideal fit, is a smooth, flat plain of fabric across the front.

The perfect fit

Ok, I know it is a bit out there, but I'm going to confront the dreaded word -- camel toe! I have a lot of ladies ask me why on earth they get this unsightly wedging at the front of their pants. And ladies, the answer is so simple! It's all in the rise. The pants have just been pulled to high for the rise that the garment has been designed to sit at. This normally occurs when people mistakenly try on low rise pants when they prefer pants that sit at a higher rise, and well, frankly, hike it up there -- causing camel toe. So switching to a pant with a higher rise will obviously save this. The other cause happens to people who have a long rise in the body, so even some high-rise garments can sit on them like mid-rise. The best solution is to try a pant with a gusset and a roll-down waist, such as the Groove Downs, Move Crop and Wunder Roll Crop.

Lastly, I want to quickly go over length. Length is a pretty non-issue with a garments as we offer complimentary hemming! But don't just limit yourself to only full length pants at the perfect length. I'm fairly short, so when I try on a lot of our crops, honestly, they look like my pants have shrunk or I am preparing for the yearly monsoon in a pair of flood pants. My solution: hem my crops.

Next time you are trying on some of our garments, take this all into mind when you are checking yourself out in the fit room mirrors. We offer such a variety of pants, all with different fits and rises, so you can find that perfect pair for you.

From your personal fit expert to you, go find that awesome fitting pair of pants and enjoy!

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would and XL fit a size 16 or 18 does it fit big or small because im a bigger woman and i need to know. would a size 12 fit me because my dad is coming threw with lululemon for me i need to know if it will fit please reply back from paige :)

Comment by paige — May 23, 2012 @ 7:51 pm

Hi Paige,
Are you talking about women’s clothing or men’s clothing? A size 12 in women’s clothing is an XL. The exact breakdown of measurements can be found on our size chart: http://bit.ly/IlfB6D If you’d like to chat about a specific piece, we’d be happy to talk at the GEC (1.877.263.9300)
~ Siya
GEC Online

Comment by lululemon athletica GEC — May 24, 2012 @ 10:13 am

I bought the New Slim Groove Pants lately and picked a size 4. I talked to one of Lulu’s educators to which size to pick and she said size 4 will work, but I still get cat whiskers on the front which I find awkward, how can I fix this?

Comment by Casandra — January 23, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

Hi Cassandra,
I recommend heading back to your local store with the pants so we can take a look at the fit with you. I find that the pants are sitting too low if you’re seeing a lot of bunching fabric in the front. The rise of the Groove Pant *Slim is a medium one which might be a tad higher than expected.

~ Siya
Social Media Educator

Comment by lululemon athletica GEC — January 24, 2013 @ 11:22 am

Hi! I love the wunder under crops, but I find that I can only wear the pairs I have when I’m running errands. When I try to actually, well, RUN in them (or go to a yoga class), I spend more time trying to keep my pants from sliding down than anything else! What gives? Too big? Too small? Is my butt too non-existent?!

Comment by Sarah — January 24, 2013 @ 9:26 pm

Hey Sarah,
You know it actually might just be to do with the rise of the pant and want you need for run and yoga. So, firstly to make sure it is not size related, take a look how the pants fit across the front, below the waist. What you want is for the pants to sit smoothly. If you find there is a bit of bunching there, it’s likely too big. And if you find it is pulling, like little cat whiskers, it’s likely a bit small.
If that is all good, it makes me think that the rise of that style is not suited for what you need. I love my Wunder Unders too, though for yoga and running I love to have something a bit higher so I know it is going to stay in place for me and I can focus on getting my sweat on and not have to worry about my clothes. For running, I go for the Inspire Crop and for yoga I love to wear my Gather & Crow Crop. Hope that helps!

Comment by lululemon athletica GEC — January 25, 2013 @ 2:40 pm

Hi- I discovered wonder unders and I totally fell in love. I tried on a size six in the store and the associate told me that they fit the way they should but after a couple of yoga clases these don’t feel tight on my thighs, hips or my waist. Do you guys offer alterations to have these taken in at the waist? Can anything be done? I am disappointed because I love them, but I feel like a size smaller would have been WAY better. Thanks in advance for your suggestion. – Nicole

Comment by NIcole — March 11, 2013 @ 8:56 pm

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