the challenge of power vinyasa

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Our junior fabric developer, Zofia, came to us from across the pond with a new life rule: say ‘yes’ more than she says ‘no’. So, when she was invited on her first Vancouver Power Vinyasa date, she wholeheartedly overlooked the fact that she’d never really enjoyed yoga and inked it into her agenda.

the challenge of yoga

Power Vinyasa is a new notch on my yoga bedpost and the word ‘power’ scared me a little. My previous practice was mostly Iyengar yoga and my attendance was driven by the necessity to stretch my body back into line after long runs.

While I waited for my first class to begin at the intimate One Yoga for the People studio, I did wonder whether this would be a very painful hour and a half. My nerves took another hit when our teacher, ambassador Meghan Currie, asked us how ‘hot’ we wanted the class to be and we collectively agreed on ‘authentic spicy’.

a good long 'om'

The classes I attended back in the UK were less spiritual than the ones I have been to in Vancouver. This one proved to be no different and opened with a gentle meditation. I’ve since discovered that I really enjoy taking a moment to ponder over the teacher’s words and release everything with a good, long ‘Om’.

It is inspiring to watch the apparent ease with which Meghan holds her poses. As I followed her demonstrations, I did everything I could to achieve the same lines but sometimes I wondered how the pose was even possible. My body and mind worked together to figure out the physics of the shapes and balances I was attempting. I concentrated so hard that I forgot my left from my right and found myself facing the wrong way more than once.

engaged mind and body

After a lot of downward dog and a few failed handstand attempts the class drew to an end and I realized how much I’d enjoyed it.  My body felt good but the main reason I loved my new find was because I found it hard. My mind was engaged with the challenge of the flow of unfamiliar poses for the whole class and my thoughts did not have the opportunity to wander.

I never thought I would be so committed to yoga but the Wednesday evening class is now a firm fixture in my schedule. The challenge of Power Vinyasa has shed new light on my ideas and perceptions of yoga; I’ve learned that there is a type of yoga to suit everyone. New doors have been opened and I love the possibility that one day I will be strong enough to lift my legs to the sky in a handstand.

From the powerful and flowing poses of Vinyasa, to the dance elements of kundalini, every style of yoga can stir up some level of reservations for different people. I’m still too intimidated by the strict nature of the 26 set postures of Bikram. What challenges your yoga practice the most?

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You are so AMAZING! Can’t wait to have your beautiful spirit in class again!!!! LOVE!!! Authentic 3 pepper handstands!

Comment by Meghan Currie — August 29, 2011 @ 8:25 pm

I recently started doing Power Vinyasa as well. While reading this post all I could think was, “Yes, that’s exactly it!! You took the words right out of my brain.” I was skeptical the first time. The only reason I went was so that I could say that I tried it and it wasn’t for me. Man, was I wrong. I’m hooked!!

Comment by Connie — September 9, 2011 @ 2:48 am

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