the feel of silverescent

The Challenge:  How do we educate our online guests about the feel of our products when they can't reach through their computer screens and touch them?

The Project:  We used the Robson lululemon athletica location in downtown Vancouver as our testing ground and asked our own guests to give their input – blindfolded!  We placed an item in their hands (our Run: Swiftly Tech made of silverescent) and let them express whatever came to mind…

silverescent test

The Participants:

  • Gemma, our educator at Robson was more than eager to help out
  • Two of our wonderful guests, (they were a little shy to reveal their names to our online crowd), were also kind enough to offer their time to our little experiment

The Results:

Our first guest took hold of the Run: Swiftly Tech and the word she came up with was “lightweight”.  This is because our silverescent fabric is exceptionally breathable.

Next, she thought it was “soft, but not too soft.”  This is because of the silver fibre they hide so well in the fabric!  (Check out the close up next.)  X-Static® the silver fibre® is the reason Silverescent provides anti-stink.  Anti-stink means that the silver inhibits, or slows; the growth of odour-causing bacteria that we all know can run rampant after a tough workout!

lululemon silverescent

Our next guest revealed to us that she is an avid runner – who better to give feedback on a run-inspired fabric?!

lululemon silver

She was quick to fire off excellent descriptors for us:

• We heard lightweight again – 2 for 2!
• She also thought it was soft
• The comment that rang so true was: “It’s so stretchy; it would have to be breathable.”
• When we asked about a possible use for such a fabric, she immediately suggested running – a good sign indeed!

There are a few other things about silverescent that even touch cannot tell you, but not to worry – that’s what educators are here for:

• silverescent is a seamless knit fabric with mesh venting in high sweat areas
• Along with anti-stink, silverescent has anti-static properties too!
• silverescent includes Lycra for shape retention as well.  This prevents your clothing from bagging out after repeated use.

We offer silverescent in both our men’s and women’s lines.  Find it in store or online by following any of the links below:

Run: Swiftly Tech
Run: Skim Singlet
Inspire Tank

Olympia Tech SS
Metal Vent Tech SS
Metal Vent Tech LS

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