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The island of O'ahu is home to some of the world's most beautiful and best-kept treasures, one of them being the historic little surf town of Hale’iwa on the island’s breathtaking North Shore. During the summer months it’s a quiet beachside town filled with quaint surf shops, restaurants and famously tasty shave ice stands (be sure to check out Matsumoto's). But from September through May it’s home to, hands-down, the best surf in America, and arguably the surfing capital of the world.

There’s a reason the surf world migrates to the North Shore every winter, and Hale'iwa is the gateway to it all.

Two lululemon ambassadors, Jamie Sterling (world champion big wave surfer and founder of Professional Surf Guide) and Nadia Bonenfant (founder of JUNA Yoga Retreats) have joined forces to share with you what they do best: surfing and yoga. As a result, they came up with the perfect blend of their passions, The Fluid Retreat.

From October 4-11, stay at a beach house in Hale'iwa just steps away from a gorgeous private sandy beach. While you're there you'll attend a raw food workshop, have an outdoor massage, practice sunrise and sunset yoga daily, test your balance with daily SUP and SUP yoga classes with Nadia and try your hand at surf  sessions with Jamie and more.

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A little background on Jamie:

When you grew up on the North Shore of Oahu and have salt water running through your veins, it’s hard not to find yourself surfing some of the most amazing coastal areas in the world. For lululemon ambassador and world champion big wave surfer, Jamie Sterling, traveling the world in search of the best and most beautiful waves is part of his daily life. Yoga is also part of his ritual in getting physically and mentally ready for competing. Most importantly though, it’s for connecting and revering to the spirit of the ocean before dropping into big waves.

A little background on Nadia:

Connecting to the spirit of Aloha in Eastern Canada is lululemon ambassador and founder of JUNA Yoga Retreats, Nadia. She grew up sailing up and down the Eastern Seaboard on her family’s sailboat Junasika. "Living in connection to the rhythm of the ocean is the most incredible way of life," said Nadia. "Now, even when landlocked, I hop on my paddle board and head out to the middle of a lake and connect to the spirit of Aloha – fresh water style." A yoga teacher since 2003, she has shared her passion for movement, surfing and paddling on the West coast of Vancouver Island and all over North America. She created JUNA Yoga Retreats in 2012, braiding all of her passions into one great big life project: yoga, outdoor living and ecological exploration. Her yoga teachings are inspired by Prana Flow, an approach developed by her teacher Shiva Rea. Nadia brings her coastal connection and fluid practice to her SUP Yoga classes and on the mat during her yoga retreats.

Fluid RetreatThe pair met at the lululemon ambassador summit Nadia tells us how the idea of The Fluid Retreat came about...

Jamie and I met at the lululemon ambassador summit in Whistler this past April. It was an incredible few days as one great big family. I randomly sat down for breakfast and noticed that Jamie’s name tag said Haleiwa. I remember thinking,"Yes, a lulu from Hawaii, I was meant to connect with an ambassador who lives by the ocean."

We got chatting and decided to merge our forces and passions together and offer a surf and yoga retreat in Hawaii this October. Jamie grew up on the North Shore, he surfs huge waves but also loves to teach and introduce people to the goodness of surfing. He’s been running amazing surf camps all over the planet with his own business.

For both of us, sharing the excitement of catching a wave or practicing yoga on the beach with the rising sun is how we connect to the pulse of life. This fall, we’ll be sharing this energy and way of living with guests on our Hawaii retreat. Yoga and surfing go hand in hand: fluidity, connectivity, rhythm and all.

Finding your breath and focus on the inside allows you to connect with the outside world. You become mindful of your every move, whether riding a wave or walking through your daily life.

So join us and discover the North Shore through local eyes and tap into the wonder of the North Shore. Connect your inner ecosystem to the greatness of the Hawaiian ecosystem. Find balance and peace and a sense of fuelled energy. The retreat is open to all levels of surf and yoga experience and to both men and women.

For details on the surf and yoga retreat email Nadia or Jamie directly at:


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Once again lulu, you have inspired me. Thank you for sharing this event. I was very interested to read about Jamie and Nadia’s journeys. Being a devoted yogi and a new surfer (2013), I will be joining you for sure next year at this event. Thank you for the goal! Keep up the great blogs. So interesting and inspiring to read about people living their passions!!

Comment by Amy — September 4, 2013 @ 11:03 am

Amy! Thank you for your kind words and can’t wait to share the goodness of yoga and the ocean with you next year! Gratitude!

Comment by Nadia — September 8, 2013 @ 7:09 am

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