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Jurgen after a muddy ride at Mt. Seymour

Our web channel manager, Jurgen, set a goal three years ago to complete BC Bike Race, an arduous seven-day stage race from Victoria to Whistler. Little did he know, passion would drive him to crush his goal three years earlier then planned.

Writing out my goals is scary.

Especially when they have a tendency of becoming a reality faster than I expect.

Three years ago, I decided to get back into bike racing after a 15-year hiatus that included going to school, starting a career, and having kids. Riding in the BC Bike Race was a goal that I wanted to reach by 2016. Knowing that this is an epically long race, it meant logging some serious base miles and fitness in the legs.

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BC Bike Race is a seven-day mountain bike stage race that traverses coastal BC single track on some of the most beautifully epic trails the province has to offer. Starting in Vancouver on day zero, the race travels to the north end of Vancouver Island, back through the Sunshine Coast, and finishes in Whistler on day seven.

Jurgen 3

Over the course of the week, 550 riders from 26 countries will cover over 330km and climb the equivalent of Mount Everest. No big deal, right?

I’ve always envisioned my life being full of adventures along the way keeping me fit and stoked - BC Bike Race is one of those.

Along the way, there were a lot of obstacles that prevented me from attaining this goal and I kept pushing this out into a distant future instead of really going after it.

This past winter, a funny thing happened.

I actually declared this goal out loud to my wife, friends, and colleagues that I want to make this happen. The power of crowd sourcing brings out karmic forces that you don’t really see until you’ve asked for it. Before I knew it, this dream started becoming a reality thanks to some pretty instrumental people in my life and some serious support at home.

Now comes the fun stuff…training!

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Since January, I’ve logged well over 2500km on the bike getting ready with countless rides in the sleet, snow and sunshine.

Getting the chance to ride was only part of the goal. The real work started when I knew I had five months to get race ready to tackle this week of riding. Ride, rest, eat, yoga, massage, repeat for 20 weeks.

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Am I ready? I guess we’ll see on June 29th when we start this adventure.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

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That sounds like so much fun! I’m a roadbiker but I really really need to try mountain biking.

Comment by Katy — June 28, 2013 @ 3:18 pm

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