the quest for the perfect fit

find the perfect fit for yoga and running clothing
Are you on the quest to find the perfect fit?

Here at lululemon, we realize not everyone has a store down the block to visit. Enter our online store at

Ecommerce is our way of bringing lululemon to every corner of the earth. But how do we replace the amazing education offered when you visit one of our clothing stores in person?

Step 1

Take your measurements (a detailed post on this is coming soon!). Remember, the designer's intended fit doesn’t always match with our personal fit preferences. Consider the measurement chart a guideline towards the designer’s intended fit.

Step 2

Consider the function. Are you layering? If so, a bit bigger might be better. Running? Close to the skin to prevent chafing is best.

Step 3

Ask a friend – they know how you like to wear your clothes.

Step 4

Questions you can't find the answer to online? Call the Guest Education Centre at 1.877.263.9300.

Step 5

Find great feedback and photos by reviewing the product shots on our Facebook page or the Fit & Function section on lululemon Flickr account.

Step 6

Stay tuned, we’re launching an exciting tool soon guaranteed to excite!

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YEAY! Can’t wait for the new tool!

Trying to find the right fit is sometimes hard. Thankfully having the Somerset, Troy, MI store near by helps me decide what works for my body. A size 8 top is great for stretchy fabrics like the RUN: Swiftly Tee or the Stride Jacket for me, but when it comes to fabrics used for the Remix Hoodies and such, a size 10 or 12 works to give me some layering room and more movement!

I’ve also found asking Educators what they suggest on size depending on the kind of fit you want or how it should fit always helps! So if you are able to visit a lululemon store, take advantage of the knowledge that it can bring. If not, definitely call and talk to someone who knows their lululemon!

Hope this helps!

Comment by Annie — December 3, 2009 @ 8:10 am

I hope you add a “customer review” section on each item. Also a place to show how the garmet fits (expample: size up, size down, how the snug, runs small, big, stretches). That would be really helpful.

Comment by Stephanie W. — December 3, 2009 @ 10:26 am

my experience on fit – is to ask. Ask facebook friends, ask educators, ask the GEC! The lululemon athletica facebook pages have a wealth of information… guests sharing what they like/don’t like about items, etc. It’s a great resource for those of you who are shopping online. Thanks for all the different ideas Liz!

Comment by Marisa — December 3, 2009 @ 10:46 am

hello all, i was wondering on remix hoodies. are sizes 2 and 4 the same length on the body, and are they the same length on the arms? PLEASE HELP ME!

Comment by June — December 3, 2009 @ 1:16 pm

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