the road to boston: sue anne clark

Sue Anne Clark

The Boston Marathon is arguably the most iconic race. We'll be there cheering on April 18th but in the meantime, we caught up with our Boston-bound ambassadors to get inspired before the big day. First up, Sue Anne Clark. We get along for many reasons, like the fact that when she's not running, she's EATING. (Yes, all caps. Her words not ours.)

the road to boston with sue anne clark

Sue Anne is a bit of a superhero. She has competed in over 75 triathlons - and she didn't start logging them until she set a goal on her thirtieth birthday. When she's not leading the run club at our Wayne, Pennsylvania store, she's sharing her passion with the next generation of athletes as a cross-country and track and field coach. Chances are if she's not running, she's eating. She's our kind of girl.

Who inspired you to start running?
My dad. He suddenly passed away when I was in my twenties. It inspired me to make a list of goals. A triathlon was number one, so I figured I better start with running. One mile lead to 26.2 over the years. My mom tells me I have my dad’s legs, so I’ll give him all the credit.

Why Boston?
It’s the marathon of marathons. I love the challenge of qualifying for a race. Besides, I can’t pass up a lobster roll & Sam Adams at the finish line!

What’s your goal for the race?
To have a better time than last year and I'm not referring to my run time. I had so much fun between the cheers, the high-fives, and the amazing people. This year I'm also hoping to raise $1,000 for WANDAA to help send care packages to Japan through my Running to Relief for Japan campaign.

How has yoga helped your running regime?
When I started adding yoga to my routine, I felt more fluid on my runs and looked forward to the calmness of the classes. I liked it so much, I worked with the local studio owner to hold a “Yoga For Runners” series at our running club. It was a great intro for my fellow runners.

Sue Anne at the LA Marathon

Sue Anne conquers last weekend's monsoon at the LA Marathon

Where do you run on days when you feel you can conquer anything?
I take to the trails! Blazing through the trails is such a rush. Speed is your friend when it comes to the really rocky or rooty sections. The steep climbs and fast descents, twists, turns, and trees - I love it. I want to go right now just thinking about it.

What yoga poses keep your training on track?
Pigeon! Any pose that opens my hips and lengthens my legs is great. I like how yoga strengthens my upper body and core. Right now, I am taking a Hoopvinyasa class. It's been amazing for my hips and core, and I have lots of fun learning tricks with a hoola hoop! (Editor's note: Hoopvinyasa? When is that coming to Vancouver?)

When you’re not training you’re…
EATING.  And when I am not eating, I work at University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPenn) as a Physician Liaison for Cancer & Surgery services. I am inspired every day by the people I work with. They are dedicated, intelligent & extremely fascinating.

What do you look for in training and race gear?
I love colorful stuff but more importantly, I want to wear gear that makes me feel like a woman when I am racing or training. 

Years ago, my old race gear was so off the mark that I thought about starting my own line. I even took a course at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. I think lululemon entered the US market soon after…so I kept to my day job.

What’s next for you after Boston?
Two weeks later I will be racing at the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship in Spain. This race is all on trails - yahoo!

visit us in boston

If you'll be in Boston for the marathon, come visit us at the John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo and at our Prudential Center store. We've got a lot of fun planned from April 15th to 18th. The store's Facebook page has all the details. (Oh, and if you're running the race, we'll see you at Heartbreak Hill with bells on. You won't miss us.) 

want more?

We'll be checking in with more ambassadors as Boston tip-toes its way closer. What's on your list of things to ask them?

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