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Each month we'll be posing a big, bad, bold challenge to the world. We want to see what you can do, hear what you have to say, and watch you challenge yourself!

What's on tap for the June Challenge you ask? The Running Man Workout of course!

Q: What is the Running Man Workout?

* A surefire way to impress people and make instant friends at the club
* A popular dance in the 1980s
* An intense and fast-paced exercise experience

A: All of the above!

Do it for 30 seconds to get your heart rate pumping or for 20 minutes for a full body work out.

How do I participate in the challenge?

Upload your photo/video to our monthly challenge photo pool on flickr or send it to and we'll add it for you.

We'll be featuring some of our favourite entries here on the blog! If you don't want your name or entry to be public, let us know.

Want to learn more? Visit our monthly challenge page.

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