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Today we say hello to Citron and Pink Mist! It's no secret that we love pink around here but you may not know about our other love - this Pink. If you haven't checked out any of Dan Pink's work, we strongly suggest you do. His books, his blog - everything the man touches seems to turn to gold - pink gold.


Dan Pink speaks about motivation but he's not necessarily a motivational speaker. When he spoke at our Leadership Conference, he left us with six powerful words we won't forget. The first three were autonomy, mastery and purpose - the components of lasting, intrinsic motivation and the themes from his powerful book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. It's currently available in a whopping eleven languages (Pig Latin pending). You really need to read it. It changed how we do life around here.

dan pink on the surprising science of motivation

If you have 18 minutes, spend them wisely - watch Dan's TED talk on motivation. (In short, Pink says the business community is missing the mark.)

The last three words Dan left us with were brevity, levity, and repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition. (Okay, that's more than three but you get the idea.) According to Dan, these are the keys to powerful communication. (We agree. That's why we're keeping this blog post nice and short.) Pour yourself a glass of citron-ade and immerse yourself in Pink!

Pink Mist Scoop Neck Tank
pink mist scoop neck tank

want more?

Citron Modern Racer Tank

citron modern racer tank

Forget the business world. How are you trying to motivate yourself? How does autonomy, mastery and purpose fit into the way you achieve your goals? How does Dan's insight challenge the way you operate your personal business?

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Hi there,
I love this new color. Also, I really enjoy the motivation talk. It’s nice to hear and I will keep up w/ him now. Very interesting!
Suzanne Williams

Comment by Suzanne Williams — April 21, 2011 @ 7:31 am

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