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Antonia is our lead designer for yoga and has been working on our new Full-On Luon for two years. She inadvertently began her design career as a kid, when she would advise her mom on how to tweak her dance costumes—putting a pocket here or moving a ruffle there. Plus there was that time she made hair scrunchies and sold them at school for $1 each….

How do you define full-on?
To me full-on is anything that you lose yourself in, where you’re fully present and engaged and anything is possible. For me that’s dance or going deep into generating ideas for a design.

What do you do/have you done that’s full-on?
I danced (modern and jazz) growing up and it was full-on—right after school until 10pm, four classes in a row, five days a week. It was hard to get my homework done! I loved it.

Why do/did you love it?
Dance was pure joy and expression—artistic and physical. It was absolutely my release.


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