three days of baptiste yoga “not nearly enough”

meditation - lotus pose

Deanne, one of lululemon’s founders and the VP of Women’s Product, attended the Baron Baptiste Immersion in Colorado last week. She was moved to share her experience with us.

day 1

Day one is really integration with the environment, my body in the environment and a full body clearing. What I mean by that is the mind, and therefore my body, was full of stuff and because I have chosen to write this I will declare what the ‘stuff’ was. The stuff, for me, is all the conversations I have with myself about not being good enough, not being smart enough or “I should be here” or “I should look better.” It is a realization of the stories that I am having with myself at every moment I can. My ego loves it.

day 2

I entertained that I could give up these stories and take on gratitude, appreciation and compassion.  But day two was really about saying it, not being with it.

day 3

It hit me in the side of the head. I finished meditation and my first words out of my mouth (to my amazing partner) were “I did a terrible job in meditation today.” She laughed and said, “how is your compassion and gratitude for yourself today?” I got really clear about how I beat myself up every day and I am never quite enough. The cost is the people around me get the same treatment. I thought I was allowed to be hard on myself as long as I did not do the same to the people around me. What I learned is my ego does not have such a smart filter and ‘not enough’ finds its way into all aspects of my life.

The best part is …three days of Baptiste yoga was perfect and everything I needed.

Thanks Baron and all of the Baptiste team.


P.S. I am going to make a mini yoga mat so that I can always be reminded that the work of yoga is taking the practice off the mat.

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Greatly appreciate the honesty you share! Profound statement that how we beat ourselves up and feel never enough, and that the “cost” is we do that to others.
Thank you for sharing! and Yes! I love the idea of a mini mat to carry around to remind us to take our practice off our mats!

Comment by Kathy Bertram — September 29, 2011 @ 11:59 am

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