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I'm having trouble with my crow pose.
A) are my arms supposed to be slightly bent so that my knees can lightly rest on my tricep muscle as I lean forward to balance, or
B) are my arms supposed to be straight and I put my knees on the outside of my shoulders, squeezing them in as I lean forward to balance? - Ingrid

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Dear Ingrid,

Those can be seen as different variations, though the ultimate aim is to work towards having your arms straight. You should begin with your elbows bent, still resting your knees on your triceps. Alternatively, you can also begin with the elbows bent, hugging the outside of your arms with your knees. Either way, try practicing with your knees on your triceps, as close to your armpits as possible. Also try to keep you heels close to your buttocks, while lifting your tailbone slightly to get ‘flying’ sensation in the pose. Pull your belly in as tightly as you can, rounding your spine slightly. Once you figure out your core work, aim to straighten your arms into the full and proud ‘crow’. Press firmly into your knuckles keeping little pockets of air under your palms.

- Grace, lululemon Queen St. ambassador
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Hi! Actually I believe knees to the outsides of your arms is considered crow (kakasana) and knees on top of your triceps/in your armpits is considered crane (bakasana.)

That’s all!

Comment by Nena Buduhan — July 20, 2010 @ 12:14 pm

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