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One thing we know for sure – is that Roger is passionate about music. This guy blows us away – not only is he a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, part of our Cherry Creek store team and a fitness instructor – he’s also a DJ. He’s made a playlist – for your ears – inspired by Wanderlust Colorado.  

In the past I’ve had a rocky relationship with yoga festivals. I can get overwhelmed by the concept of not doing enough, or picking the wrong classes. You know what I mean?  It’s similar to that restaurant that has so much good stuff on the menu that you wish you had five stomachs and when you do order it comes out not as exciting as it sounded… total disappointment and regret.

wanderlust colorado

Sam, from YogaSlackers hooping: so much to do, but with a certain steadiness and coherence amongst all the activity, that the impossible becomes possible.

I made it through. I didn’t stress, I didn’t get overwhelmed and I didn’t over do it. I had an amazing time.

roger colorado

pounded fists with DJ Drez

I walk into the lululemon d’Om – welcomed with so much warmth and relaxed compassion that any stress I thought was there was instantly replaced with excitement.  The first person I saw was DJ Drez – he’s been a favorite DJ of mine for years before Wanderlust and I owe a small part of my relationship with my wife to a show he played (that’s another story).

roger instaa

there was music and a party

Our Colorado team invited me to DJ the lululemon Wanderlust opening party: a room full of Wanderlust presenters and organizers, our lululemon team from near and far and my local Colorado yoga community.

The party went really well and I felt truly in my element, playing tunes, reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones.

After the party, the whole village was literally and figuratively buzzing.  Sparklers were lit, fire dancers performed, and a sampling of the weekends’ performers showed off their talents to the direction of yoga’s greatest MC - MC Yogi.

DJ Drez MC Yogi

DJ Drez, Roger and MC Yogi

and even more music

DJ Drez is perpetually on point with his music and scratches. MC Yogi’s conscious lyrics and thoughtful composition are so skillful. The dancers and the laser show only accentuated Quixotic’s violins and looped drums.

Caravan Palace’s funky electro swing had the crowd swirling and Moby of course killed it both late night Saturday and softly to close out the festival with an acoustic set on Sunday.

this my friends, is community

Everyone was truly there to support the presenters, musicians, organizers, workers, volunteers, and attendees with the goal of having a full and happy time.  That intention came through in everything that was offered.

To walk through the village at Copper Mountain and see amazing acro-yoga tricks, Budokon kicks, hooping and slack-lining and hear DJ’s spinning creative remixes. Seeing bright clothes on smiling faces and everyone all over the mountain from 9712 ft. carrying a yoga mat was so inspiring and heart-opening that I cannot wait to do it again.

This is @denveryoga for @lululemonlive signing off.


Wanderlust is about the yoga and the music. They go hand-in-hand. Add some scenic views and some big old mountains – and you’ve got yourself a festival.  

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