today i’m grateful for…

Gratitude Wall
What are you grateful for today? The smell of grass, a hug from a friend, the freedom to move? Dana Ramler, artist, designer and the creative mastermind behind the Small World Big Dreams event, throws this thought provoking question out for wanderlust-goers and the world to answer.

today i'm grateful for...

It’s a question I began asking myself every day, as a way to reflect. I wasn’t surprised after a few days of this practice to find myself noticing things in a whole new way and appreciating them like never before. What I didn’t realize was that by doing this every day, I was becoming, well, happier.

I began this daily habit when a friend of mine introduced me to an app she and her business partner were developing: It acts as a gratitude journal where you can either keep the things you are grateful for private or share them anonymously with the world. Every day, one of the ‘gratitudes’ that have been shared are illustrated by an artist.

Gratitude | Yoga

"Sun Saluations" illustrated by Mike Ellis

I was so moved by this project with that I wanted to pose the question with the Wanderlust community in Whistler. After all, yoga is the ultimate celebration of gratitude. I had created a “Before I Die” wall in Vancouver earlier this year and was astounded by the way people engaged with the wall.

Before I die Project

Photo Credit: Dana Ramler

Inspired, I created a spinoff for Wanderlust. A giant blackboard with the words “Today I’m grateful for…” was set up in Whistler village. Buckets of chalk were left out and people were invited to share what they were grateful for that day. Each morning of the four-day festival, the wall was cleaned and put out and every day by lunch it was full. The responses were incredible. Grateful for everything from loved ones, sunshine, fresh clean air and new adventures to health, dreams coming true, mountains and freedom. People shared and the wall was bursting with gratitude.

Today I'm Grateful For...

Photo Credit: Dana Ramler

What I find most incredible about these projects is the impact of seeing the gratitude of others and its effect on me. I am continually touched, moved and inspired by what people are appreciative of and further inspired in my own life of things to be grateful for. It’s like gratitude is contagious!

Thanksgiving (a day dedicated to sharing gratitude) is coming up but we can’t help but wonder about the other 364 days of the year. Take a moment, pause and reflect. What are you grateful for today? And maybe try sharing it with the rest of the world, you never know who you’ll inspire!

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I love the idea of both the boards. It’s amazing the power of gratitude. Taking the time to slow down and reflect on everything we are fortunate to have, learn or be.
I’m grateful that my mom’s cancer is retreating and taking a hike! :)
I’m also grateful that I am building my knowledge to become a health coach so I can teach people that cancer is preventable and how to avoid it through holistic health.

-Michelle {LiveLoudly}

Comment by Michelle {LiveLoudly} — October 3, 2012 @ 2:31 pm

My husband and I watched my grandpa pass away Tuesday night. Of course it was one of the worst things to see, the hardest thing to accept, and a terrible moment for our family. Yesterday the grandkids and parents spent some time together with our grandma. We looked through old family photo albums, talked about all the things we felt about Grandpa’s character, and some of the times we remembered spending with him. Of course it’s a sad time, but I am so grateful for the 25 years I got to spend with him. It’s amazing, and humbling, all the things you can learn from one man.

Comment by Erin — October 4, 2012 @ 8:36 am

love this post :)

Comment by Rana — October 4, 2012 @ 4:59 pm

Gratitude is always very appropriate, and especially now as it is Thanksgiving in Canada. Thank You!

Comment by Al — October 6, 2012 @ 8:13 pm

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