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You don’t have to hit the Islands of Hawaii to experience incredible beaches, world famous surfing and life changing fish tacos. Tofino, British Columbia is near and dear to our heart (and home) and serves up the ultimate stay-cation for BC residents. If you are looking for a seriously west coast experience, Tofino is (literally) as west coast as it gets. Here are some of our fave things to do in Tofino:

if you happen to find yourself in tofino (for 24 hours or less)...

best brew in tofino
If you’re passionate enough about coffee to see through fancy drink names and a robust website then you’ll appreciate The Tofitian for all it has to offer - a seriously great cup of Joe, some nifty memorabilia and an authentic Tofino experience. This locally run shop is the place to caffeinate pre-island adventure or to warm up (the mocha hot chocolate comes highly recommended) after a cold day riding the Pacific surf.

Trails in Tofino
If you’re up for a hike, check out Schooners Cove. The moderate trail starts off in the rainforest with a series of wooden platforms and steps and then spits you out on the north end of Long Beach. Insider tip: Go at low tide, keep to the right when you hit the beach and uncover some amazing wildlife like bald eagles and starfish.

Surf Sisters - Surfing
It wouldn’t be a successful trip to Tofino without getting your feet a little wet. If you’re looking to catch a wave for the first time check out Surf Sister. Their all-female staff brings a unique flare (and extreme passion) to the surf scene, specializing in instructing with the beginner in mind. Dudes – don’t shy away, these classes are for you too!

best brew in tofino
a cold brew
Tofino Brewing Company is a great place to crack a cold one. The beers satisfy, the ambiance is cool and the dudes who own it are a pleasure to chat with. Purchase their iconic jug and have it refilled over and over again when you’re back in Vancouver. 

Taco shop in Tofino
When it comes to grabbing a bite of delicious grub, Tacofino has it dialed. From the staff to the outdoor dining experience at long wooden communal tables this taco truck is the epitome of cool. The fish tacos are a must and wash down quite nicely with a Lime-Mint Freshie – oh, and don’t forget to grab a Chocolate Diablo Cookie for dessert.

Ever been? What are some of your favourite pitstops in Tofino?

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you guys should make a foursquare list out of this! would be great if i could see these places on my phone when i’m out exploring :)

Comment by emma — June 12, 2012 @ 1:11 pm

I LOVE Tofino – I grew up on the island and am now living in Alberta, and am thankful to be able to visit there often soak in the inspiration and do most of my business there. There are some great little stores – be sure to check out The Shorewind Gallery for some amazing locally inspired art – you may just even see a Zondag Studios Original or two :)

Comment by Kathryn Zondag — June 12, 2012 @ 1:31 pm

I recently visited Tofino on May long weekend. Went to all these places mentioned above and enjoyed them all. Found the Schooner trail a little short though, was so enjoyable I wanted more! It’s great to see businesses that are locally owned and ran getting a little public attention :)

Comment by Nina — June 12, 2012 @ 3:42 pm

What’s your fav place to stay? Looking to spend 2 nights in July. Quaint/rustic and hopefully not too much $. Thanks!

Comment by Bridget Forshaw — June 13, 2012 @ 7:49 am

I was there 10 years ago and saw the most amazing masseuse guy ever – he is so much more than just a masseuse, he can tell what is going on emotionally. I dont remember his name – anyone know him?

Comment by Tracy Johnson — June 17, 2012 @ 8:52 am

For accommodations, check out Tofino Hostel. I had a very positive experience staying there.

Comment by Mikayla — June 19, 2012 @ 11:53 am

We recently stayed in Tofino and tried a couple of these places after reading this blog. We were going to try Tacofino but they were only accepting cash at the time and it was $10-$16 a taco. Instead we went to the Wildside Grill in the same complex and had some delicious burgers. We tried the hot chocolate at the Tofitian and it was terrible. It was very weak and tasted like warm milk. Not sure how the coffee was as we never tried it after that. We did do the Schooner Cove Trail and it was beautiful! You do have to pay money thought to go into the Pacific Rim National Park. It was around d $20a for a family or $10 per adult

Comment by Shauna — July 27, 2012 @ 2:51 pm

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