top 10 things i love about the LA marathon

Runner extrordinaire and lululemon ambassador Blue Benadum is a passionate advocate for the SoCal marathon community. On the eve of the LA Marathon this Sunday, Blue is sharing the top ten reasons why this is one of his favourite races in the world.

10. elevation.

What elevation? Exactly! This course is pretty flat, making it great for a PR (personal record).

9. good weather.

Well, usually... LA has had it's share of torrential downpours and 90+ plus degree heat, but what race hasn't! Let's look on the bright side, shall we? It's almost always mid fifties (fahrenheit) at race start! Ideal!

8. big city race.

Part of running marathons is the chance to run right down the middle of big city roads with no traffic. I love that feeling!

7. point to point.

I really like races that take you somewhere. No out-and-backs to retrace ground already covered keeps you feeling fresh.

6. oceanside finish.

Uh... need I say more? Running from far inland to the open coast seems somehow innately programmed into us. All water finds the sea... eventually!

5. best mile markers.

There's just something awesome about two-story inflatable arches that you can see from a mile away. It gives you something tangible to shoot for and keeps you focused on each mile, one at a time.

4. The NutriBullet Health and Fitness Expo.

This is a two day pre-race run festival at the LA Convention Center to get you well fed and super psyched to race. This year speakers include Deena Kastor, Josh Cox and yours truly. Come get some tips on running mechanics and nutrition!

3. beach vacation.

Who are we kidding. We run marathons to give us an excuse to travel! Beaches, and beach weather, in March... yep, and I never left!

2. the lululemon cheer station is bananas.

This is hands down the best lululemon cheer station of any race I have run! Around mile 22 you hear it, you see it, then run through the biggest tunnel of dancing luon love on the planet! The next four miles are a breeze! Kind of...

1. run with yours truly!

Obviously the best reason to come to LA to run a marathon is because... I love you, I miss you and I want to run with you! Its all about good times with good people, coffee and running (way too many miles)! While you are here check out other fun runs, yoga and LA randomness me and my running team, LASP ( are getting into. We'd love to share our city's secrets with you!

See ya in LA!


Well...that sounds pretty darned incredible, doesn't it?! Are you running at the LA Marathon this Sunday? Planning on running it next year? Tell us what makes this race a can't-miss on your marathon schedule!

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Go Blue (not the Dodgers)!! Have a great race, after getting past those first 10K hills it should be smooth sailing to the finish and a PR. Maybe even a Olympic qualifying time! What I love about the LA Marathon is that my office is right next to the finish line, I can watch the elites blast in!

Comment by Jon Stange — March 15, 2013 @ 10:53 am

good look to everyone running on sunday! i’ll definitely run LA next year!

Comment by Gaby — March 15, 2013 @ 6:51 pm

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