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If ever you thought Wall Street was only about the bottom line, we’ve got a good counter argument for you. Wall Street may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the word “charity” is brought up, but this Sunday, July 28th, many of these men (and some ladies) have decided to ditch their suits and ties and sweat it out for the kids.

a merger we can get behind

The RBC Decathlon is an annual event that merges charity, competition and one of our favorite things, fitness, into a larger than life athletic affair. So much so that we’re showing up and giving these guys the relaxation station of their dreams. Electronic massage chairs, a flat screen with leader updates and cool eucalyptus towels for their necks… It’s our take on a game day man cave.

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160 competitors. 10 events. one man cave.

one cause generating as much money as they can for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in an effort to further research for pediatric cancer. And this is Wall Street we’re talking about, they know their way around a dollar – last year they raised over $1,275,000.

meet the competitors

Jacob Stoller
Age: 23
Hometown:Cleveland, Ohio
Favorite Event: Bench Press
Goal for Bench Press: 30 reps
Returning competitor: No, this is his first time around!
Yogi: Yes, casually.
Life long athlete: Yes. Played professionally in the NFL for the Steelers!
His pump up playlist: Cleveland Rocks by Ian Hunter.

What’s been most challenging for you in terms of training?
Rowing. I never really used it in my training as an athlete in the past.

What inspires you in your workouts?
That end goal. Putting in that performance. You know you’re going to be on stage at some point and I knew that was coming so that’s what kept me training.

How has yoga helped you train and how did you get into it?
I got started at Cleveland Yoga, but used it a lot when I was playing professionally. In terms of benefits it’s really about the flexibility.

What athletic endeavor have you always wanted to tackle, but haven’t gotten to yet?
At some point I’d like to do a marathon. My dad has done over 50 and also a 50-miler so I think I owe it to him to get out there.
Chris Henrich
Age: 25
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Favorite Event: Pull-ups
Goal for Pull-Ups: 23
Returning Competitor: Yes! He placed 14th last year.
Goal for this year: Place in the Top 10
Life-long athlete: Yes, wrestled for University of Virginia
Yogi: Not yet
Pump Up Playlist: Last year it was rock, this year anything with a heavy bass line.

What was the hardest event for you last year?
Oh man, last year it was the 400. It’s the first event and man, I haven’t run that hard since middle school.

How do you get in the zone for the decathlon?
You know, take it back to my roots. Get a good breakfast in, then just get in the right mind set, probably get there 20-30 minutes early.

You guys take this pretty seriously, yeah?
It’s competitive, but as soon as everyone’s done you know you’re giving each other high fives and laughing and hanging out between events. It’s great because you get to share some time with people who have similar interest as you.”

What’s been the hardest part of training?
Getting on the row machine is such an incredible full body work out, I think even more than running. You get that full body burn and when you get off it you feel like you just ran as hard as you can and lifted weights at the same time. It’s incredible.

Mark Rubin
Age: 27
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Favorite Event: Pull-Ups
Goal for Pull-Ups: 16
Life-Long Athlete: Yes, played football all through college and with the St.Louis Rams.
Yogi: Yes, casually.
Pump Up Playlist: Eminem, Kanye, Jay-Z. Nice eclectic mix. Definitely with some “Rocky” music on there.

What are you most looking forward to about the competition?
Mark Rubin: Honestly I’m most looking forward to the fundraising aspect of it. We’re just raising as much as we can and I can’t wait to see what that final number is. It’s great to see so many people focused on a singular goal.

How has yoga helped you with your training?
You know I’ve always hated stretching, I just find it so boring. That’s one thing I always need more of and get through yoga.

What do you crave after a workout?
Ha! Everything! Buffalo chicken finger sub with bleu cheese, lettuce and swiss. A milk shake. Literally everything.

What are your favourite words of inspiration?
My coach always used to say: ‘Every day you either get a little better or a little worse, you never stay the same.’ You know, just never be complacent in any aspect of your life. Always strive to improve something each and every day.

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