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Yoga on top of a mountain (NBD), at Wanderlust Whistler 2012.

Last August, I had a conversation with someone who was nervous about attending her first-ever Wanderlust - the yoga and music festival that has four North American stops in summer 2013.

“I don’t think I’m advanced enough to go,” she said. “Doing that much yoga is scary.”

Seeing as the yoga festival season is now upon us, I thought it was a good time to address her concerns in this blog post in case any of you have similar thoughts when you think about the possibility of attending all-day back-to-back classes at a Wanderlust festival near you.

wanderlust is for everyone

This is what I told my friend. Firstly, you need to know this: Wanderlust, just like all yoga, is for everyone. In any given class there are things you can physically do and things you can’t. Everybody will breathe together, everybody will move together, and if you need to take a time out in Child’s Pose at any time, nobody will judge you. Whether it’s your first class or your 5,000th, you’ll fit in.


Various stages of handstands, Wanderlust Vermont 2012.

yes, you will be sore

Doing a lot of yoga will make even the most hardcore yogis feel muscles they didn’t know they had. Pro tip: when you build your schedule, balance your classes with meditations & speakeasies. Also, stay hydrated. Rest. Listen to your body, and if it’s telling you to go to the market place for gelato, do it.

like music? they’ve got music

At night, the yoga mats get rolled up and the musicians come out to play. Each festival has a different line up. There is no better way to cap off a day of yoga-ing than under a summer night sky with a community of like-minded folks, many of which will have Total Yoga Hair.


Michael Franti at Wanderlust Whistler 2012.

Don’t go to Wanderlust if you already know everything about yoga you need to know. Don’t go if you’re looking to get uninspired, because that is guaranteed not to happen. Oh, and don’t go if you’re not a little bit nervous about it. Wanderlust can crack you open and teach you whatever you need to learn, but only if you’ll let it.


The coolest part about Wanderlust Festival and yoga in general is that it’s a journey. You show up at the studio, at a big white tent, on the top of a mountain, on a hotel room floor, in your living room. Sometimes you don’t know why but you do it anyways. Join our community this summer and share your yoga journey, whether you’re attending Wanderlust or not. We know your mat has stories to tell.

We’ll be celebrating community with updates from each Wanderlust Festival here on the blog, written by a local host who will share their journey with you. Coming soon: meet our Wanderlust Vermont local host & storyteller, Elizabeth Crisci.

Wanderlust Festival has four festivals in summer 2013:

Vermont, June 20-23.
, July 4-7.
, July 18-21.
, Aug. 1-4.

Learn more at http://wanderlustfestival.com

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Wanderlust Europe???? ;-)

Comment by Helen — May 28, 2013 @ 6:09 am

Slight correction here. There are actually seven Wanderlust Festivals this summer. There’s one in Mont Tremblant in Quebec, one in Chile and one in Oahu, Hawaii.

Comment by Joelle — May 28, 2013 @ 9:33 am

Hey Joelle,
Yes, Wanderlust is showing up in a bunch of rad places. These four locations are the ones that we will be sharing the story of this summer. Thanks for popping on with your question.
~ Somerlea

Comment by lululemon athletica GEC — May 28, 2013 @ 3:22 pm

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