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Meet Jacqui Rowley – a yogi ambassador from our Cow Hollow store in San Francisco. She’ll be following Elizabeth and Roger’s lead, sharing her first-ever Wanderlust experience with us at our next festival in beautiful Tahoe.

She’s a yogini, a rock climber, a dancer and an all around mover and shaker.

Before we follow along her practice at @lululemonlive – let’s learn just a little more about this girl.

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on Jacqui:

Rock climbing? That’s rad. What else are you up to?
I spend most of my free time rock climbing. I used to dance a lot as well. Right now I’m into month challenges. Every few months I challenge myself to try a different activity, or modality (think barre method, pilates, a dance style). It’s about learning the body, how you can incorporate that into yoga.

Share with us a goal that you're working towards this year?
An intention I’m always working on for myself is to have the courage to speak my truth - to acknowledge that I have something valid to contribute and to feel courageous enough to share my contribution without fear or discomfort.

We hear you’re from South Africa – describe your hometown in 140 characters or less.
I love this question! I am from Johannesburg, South Africa, also known as Egoli (Place of Gold). The diversity in cultures and languages made it a very colorful place to grow up.

From the street vendors selling hangers and beaded creations, to the attendants so eager to pump your gas, and the people wanting to wash your windows at the traffic light, to the jacaranda trees that paint the streets purple and the eclectic mix of fashion, food and music...summing up my hometown in 140 characters is hard.

She clearly couldn’t keep it down to 140 characters, let’s hope Jacqui’s got better luck in Tahoe…

on her home in San Fran:

Best place to grab a bite in San Fran?
Delfina for pizza, Tartine for open faced sandwich or pastry, B Star for Tea leaf salad, Tacolicious  for tacos and margaritas, Gracias Madre for vegetarian deliciousness.

If I'm visiting San Fran and have time for one practice – what class should I be hitting up?
Lauren Slater is hands-down my absolute favorite teacher. Her understanding of the body, her subtle, yet profound cues on alignment, her creativity when it comes to sequencing. She is not recognized enough for her unbelievable talent as a teacher and voice in this community.

on Jacqui’s yoga practice:

What yoga posture do you consider most challenging?
Definitely Utkatasana, Chair Pose, because there are so many crucial alignment cues to go through that make the difference between doing the asana and just sticking your butt out.

What about a favourite pose?
Favorite pose is funnily enough, also Utkatasana. It teaches the alignment of the body (spine and tailbone) for inversions and has helped me so much with fun poses like Handstand and Forearm balance.

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on her very first Wanderlust experience:

What are you looking forward to the most at Wanderlust?
Taking classes with teachers that are not from my home city, like Rod StrykerSeane Corn and Dharma Mittra. I am also pretty jazzed about that swimming pool on the top of the mountain.

Is there a class or a teacher you're most excited for?
Yes! I am super excited about Rod Stryker and have 4 classes scheduled with him - one for each day of the festival.

What’s going in your bag for Wanderlust?
I am a first timer...so I am hoping someone will help me with this. I would guess at least 2 bathing suits, 4 yoga outfits, a romper, a sundress, a sunhat, sunscreen and vinyasa scarf (because it is oh so versatile), comfy shoes, yoga mat (of course!). What did I miss?

Any must have item’s Jacqui needs to pack? Share your packing list in the comments below. It’s her first time at the festival – so any advice is much appreciated.

Don’t forget -we’ll be following Jacqui’s experience at Wanderlust California through @lululemonlive from July 18-22nd. Share your experience with the hashtag #justmymat.

Until then, you can learn more about her on her blog.

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Bring a jacket or hoodie! It gets a little chilly at night :)

Comment by Liz — July 9, 2013 @ 7:31 pm

I love this entry, and I can’t wait for Tahoe, but SAN FRAN? NO. San Francisco goes by its full name, SF is tolerable and people from the outlying area refer to it as “The City.” But NEVER San Fran, and Frisco is a shoot-able offense.
I realize that part of the reason we have a reputation for pretentious is stuff like this. And this is really good natured teasing… but it really does drive locals nuts.

Comment by Kate — July 10, 2013 @ 9:25 am

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