Wanderlust tahoe recap

Wanderlust CA, The Greatest Place.

This was my very first Wanderlust experience. I had the great honor of representing lululemon as an ambassador for the Marina/Cow Hollow store and tweeting for @lululemonlive.

The upbeat energy of this festival is contagious. From the warm and sunny days, to the colorful and eclectic variety of people, clothing, music, dance and yoga. I felt energized and excited from the moment we arrived to the time we drove home and it continues to spill into my practice and teachings.


When else do you get to share the love and healing gifts of yoga with 500+ people? A collection of Happy Babies and bliss.

A collection of the most talented and inspiring teachers in the country makes for a hard time deciding which classes to take. I tried to keep a balance between the 'fun, party, yoga dance style' classes and the more 'workshop style' classes.


And then this happened?

In truth, the energy of the weekend was so high and I was so jazzed to be there that it was a challenge to drop into a more serious 'learning' mindset after shaking my asana and yoga dancing.

My personal highlights were Seane Corn, Detox Flow and MC Yogi, Beastie Yogi. I loved my classes with Rod Stryker and am looking forward to practicing more with him when he comes to San Francisco. I took classes from teachers outside of SF, but received shining reviews from some of my friends about Buddy Macuha and Dana Damara too.


Yogi Revolution, Love is the Solution. Yoga Dance party with MC Yogi and Amanda Giacomini.

A shout out to Ben & Jerry's for the delicious ice cream that I enjoyed every single day (sometimes twice, but who's counting?)


Sweet connections at High Camp. The great gifts of Yoga are even sweeter when shared with friends.

I woke up on Monday morning, in my own bed and was sad the party was over. I so enjoyed waking up in a house full of friends and giggling in the kitchen over breakfast, discussing what classes we were taking and when we would meet at the pool for some sunshine and swimming.

I am looking forward to more Wanderlust experiences and think Hawaii might be in my not-too-distant future.

Thank you again to Lululemon for making this weekend possible and so much fun. The connections I made to new people and the deepened connection with old friends is such a generous and valued gift.

See you on the mountain next year. In the meantime you can find me on Instagram or Twitter


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