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130731_tremblant01_bTremblant, êtes-vous prêt?

David Good, an ambassador at our Briar Hill store, is taking over @lululemonlive for the weekend of August 23-25 at Canada's second Wanderlust Festival in Tremblant, Quebec. You may have put your legs up the wall with him back in February and now he's going to take you through his rookie experience at our final Wanderlust of the season.

David invites you to "meet yourself on the mat" everyday and whether you're in Tremblant or anywhere else around the world, here's your chance to join him in that discovery.


I still remember the morning I opened up the email from Wanderlust inviting me to teach at Mount Tremblant's Wanderlust Festival like it was yesterday. I am driven by community and I've always had a goal of sharing my passion for yoga with as many people as I can reach and sparking that love in them. Hold onto your luon...here I come.

What are you looking forward to the most at Wanderlust?

130731_tremblant03_bThrough social media, I have connected with some amazing like-minded individuals (Elena, Eoin, Yasmin and Bram, just to name a few.) and this is going to be my chance to finally meet them.

Oh and all the music...so excited to meet Garth Stevenson, I am a big fan of his music, its a staple in my Restorative classes in Toronto.

Is there a class or a teacher you're most excited for?

I am so excited to practice with Elena Brower, she has been a big influence on my teaching over the years from afar. I'm also super jazzed about the morning hike and meditations, I have recently started a daily meditation practice and doing it in the mountains is going to be so awesome.

Do you teach in French and English?

I teach in English but I am so excited to take a class in French. I think Yoga is universal so it will be interesting to see if I even need language to practice. Go with the flow...suivez le mouvement.

What’s in your bag for Wanderlust?

Being a first timer, I am going to fight over-packing:

  • At least 5 yoga outfits (my staple top is the Ease Singlet in every colour)
  • A few yoga props
  • Homeade coconut oil sun block
  • A journal
  • Some warmer layers
  • Remind me to bring my phone charger because I will be tweeting my asana off.
  • #takemymat

130731_tremblant05_bAny advice to other festival attendees?

  • Don’t over extend yourself by doing too many classes. You don’t usually do four classes a day.
  • Remember to rest up because we will be dancing all night long too.
  • Shake up your schedule with some easier classes and enjoy a Speak Easy talk.
  • Register early, the classes are going to fill up.
  • Stay connected with me and lets use this weekend to make new friends, take a class together.

130731_tremblant06_bShare with us a goal you are working for this year.

I love sharing this #yogalove with as many people as I can reach. My goal is to create a series of videos that people can take with them anywhere to practice yoga and meditation sparking the love of this awesome practice. Consistency is key, even if you practice for 5 minutes in a restorative pose before bed or a vigorous flow during your lunch hour.

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