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130606_wlvermont02_bMeet Elizabeth Crisci, an ambassador at our Westport, CT store and our Wanderlust Vermont host. Shell be sharing her story across our channels and live tweeting at @lululemonlive.

The coolest part of Wanderlust and yoga in general the journey. You show up at the studio, at a big white tent, on the top of a mountain, on a hotel room floor, in your living room. This summer well be sharing our yoga story with the hashtag #justmymat


Summer is fast approaching and for some, that means barbecues and beach time. For me, it means Wanderlust Vermont - my all-time favorite weekend of the year!

This is my third year attending Wanderlust as a student but my first year as a teacher. I’m so incredibly honoured by this opportunity and I just can’t wait to share this experience with you through @lululemonlive.

With so many teachers, classes, and everyone bringing their very best, how can you possibly choose? Now that I’ve been to a few festivals, I’ve learned the art of scheduling my time but for Wanderlust rookies, creating a weekend schedule can be overwhelming.


Here are some tips for creating the perfect itinerary:

Be careful of overscheduling
You’ll need to put your physical self through multiple classes a day so balance it out with some speakeasy talks, meditation, or a gentle hike to break up your day. This will help you tip your scales more toward bliss than ouch!

Challenge yourself
Are you eyeballing an Inversions workshop thinking, “But I’ve never even tried handstand without a wall!” Well, now is the time. The teachers at Wanderlust are some of the best and the energy of the festival is just the boost you need to try something that scares you.

Get a blend of familiar and new faces
There are so many teachers that I look forward to seeing again, but Wanderlust is all about meeting a new teacher and falling in love. The lineup at Wanderlust was hand-selected to bring a diverse offering of awesome teachers from the local area. Be sure to add a few workshops that catch your eye from someone you’ve never practiced with.


My can’t-miss workshops:

Strength and Compassion, The Practice of Being a Woman

Teacher: Elena Brower with Tiffany Cruikshank and Schuyler Grant.
Each an amazing teacher in their own right, I can’t wait to check out what they create together.

Stalking Your Fear
Teacher: Ana Forrest
This will be my first practice after leading an 8 am hike. Ana is known for her challenging asana practice but this all-level workshop can help anyone let go of the tension caused by fear and start the festival with an open heart and mind.

Becoming a Miracle Magnet
Teacher: Gabrielle Bernstein
A new face at the festival this year but you may have read one of her books (be sure to read Spirit Junkie). Gabrielle believes in miracles and has made it her mission to show you that you can believe in them too. Gabrielle is also giving a Speakeasy Talk, an awesome way to introduce yourself to her work.

Sunset Meditation Hike
Teacher: Garth Stevenson
He is an amazing musician as well as a teacher of meditation. Garth is leading several hikes at the festival, any one of them will be a delight.

Hooping and Slackline
Give yourself a chance to check out something new. Hoop dance and Yoga Slackers’ workshops will challenge you in a totally new way, and may just open up your traditional practice.

These are just some of the things I’m most looking forward to but there’s so much more to explore. What are you most looking forward to?

Until next time! Namaste.

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