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Elizabeth Crisci in ustrasana class on a horse during the yoga + horse class at Wanderlust Vermont

Going into her third Wanderlust festival, lululemon ambassador, Elizabeth Crisci, thought she knew what it would all entail. But what she unrolled on her mat was a whole new experience that took her completely by surprise.

It’s my third Wanderlust festival and I thought I knew how this was going to go down

I even thought I knew how this blog post would be: my first year teaching and what that experience is - story practically written. But that is not my story, and there is nothing predictable about a yoga festival.

What is my story at Wanderlust?

When I was dead tired rolling my mat down to practice, and I was sure this was the end, I realized that this was only my beginning.

When my arms were so tired that I thought they would fall off, but I spent 10 minutes practicing hand stand in the grass (and nailed it!), it wasn’t in spite of being tired, it was because of it.

When we exhaust ourselves but continue to rise to the challenge, beyond hope of success, we find ourselves succeeding. This is where we begin.

It has never been my body that holds me back; It has always been my ego.

Practicing, hiking, and meditating for the last three days helped me get a glimpse of myself without an ego. And in that space, I am beyond thinking that I can’t, only that I will. So I try again and again whether it is to make it through one more chatturanga or to make it to the top of another steep hill, I try and I can.

We always can.

Wanderlust Festival is not just a chance to practice with your favorite teachers, and heros - although it is that - Wanderlust is a place to connect to yourself, and your unlimited potential, where you find out that you can.

If we can find this limitless, infinite self for even one minute it is enough to transform every moment of our lives because once we know it is there, it is there forever. 

And what we bring back to our hometowns, to our desk jobs, to our yoga studios and our mats, well, that’s where the story begins.

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What is the intention you are bringing to your mat? Have a Wanderlust Vermont Story - share it here.  

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I would have loveloveLOVED to have been there…am working my way through some of the interviews from the festival on YouTube now!Stunning pic from the yoga+horse class =)

Comment by Jessica — August 13, 2013 @ 8:40 am

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