there’s no place like wanderlust

It's summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, which to a lot of us means it's the season we take our yoga mats outside. Our blogger Danne documented her adventures at Wanderlust Vermont this past weekend every day (go here, here and here in case you missed it), and we also got to experience the festival via Amanda in the Wild, who underwent a festival makeover and tried Wanderlust's most dangerous activities. Watch our festival recap video to see exactly what else made the weekend so unique:

danne's festival recap

Well, (gulp)...I guess this is it. I’ve twisted until I couldn’t twist anymore, opened my hips more than they ever knew they could be opened, and inhaled and exhaled in more ways than I knew possible. I’m full of good (vegetarian and organic) food, good drink (enhanced with probiotics), and more beautiful memories and experiences than I can count. I guess I should probably say it out loud so I can start to believe it’s true, so here goes: Wanderlust Vermont is over. Wicked. big. sigh.

the last hurrah

To put off the inevitable sadness that’s about to ensue, I’ll share a few of my favorite Wanderlust memories from my final hours at this little slice of yogi heaven:

1. Jammin’ out to Ziggy Marley last night, my first ever reggae show—believe it!
2. The beautifully meditative chairlift ride I took to the top of the mountain this morning. Note to self for next year: Way more hiking.
3. A really cool lecture given by Manoj Chalam where I got schooled on Hindu & Buddhist Deities and became more acquainted with my new friends Ganesh and Shiva.
4. The final few moments I took to breath in all the beauty that was around me and feel a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of such an incredible experience.

there’s no place like wanderlust...i mean, home

It’s funny too, when my Wanderlust road trip crew dropped me off at home tonight, I felt a little bit like Dorothy in the final scene of the Wizard of Oz, the one where she wakes up back in Kansas, trying figure out if what just happened was really real or not. After they pulled out of the driveway and drove away, I stopped for a second and wondered the same thing: did that really just happen? Has it really been 4 days already?

Wanderlust, you came and went, but you also had an amazing way of making time stop so I could fully live in, and enjoy each moment to the fullest. In class the other day I remember Rolf Gates saying something to the effect of, “Meditation is those moments when time stops”, and at Wanderlust, it really did just that. A perfect pause in the hustle and bustle of my everyday life to take time out to “just be”.

Namaste, Wanderlust Vermont, I’ll be back next year.

Wanderlust Vermont may have ended, but yoga festival season is just getting started! Up next: Wanderlusts in Colorado, Tahoe, and then our own backyard of Whistler, BC. See you there!

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Amazing weekend!! Thanks for the great recap — made me re-live the whole experience over again.

Comment by Robin — June 26, 2012 @ 6:21 am

Indeed, there is no other better place than home!

Comment by Lorii Abela — June 26, 2012 @ 8:42 am

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