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Alex Mazerolle lululemon yoga ambassador shares her experience falling in love with yoga at Wanderlust Whistler.

I am back in Vancouver still basking in the afterglow of what an incredible experience Wanderlust Whistler was. I feel so blessed to have moved, breathed and danced with teachers, students and good friends alike.

Wanderlust is like a spiritual playground and offers such a wide variety of experiences. From hula hooping, back-bending or chilling at a speakeasy, you can definitely find something to suit your yogic needs. And I most definitely did!

I wanted to share perhaps the most profound experience of my weekend. Beyond the ridiculous amounts of fun I had dancing outside to DJ Drez and Seane Corn, flowing it out to Amber J’s sweaty sequences or hopping into handstands on a mountaintop with Meghan Currie- It was Dear Prudence who struck me most.

Prudence Farrow, sister to actress Mia Farrow, spoke at the Speakeasy Sunday morning. An unassuming white haired woman sat sweetly before us and began to share a part of our yoga history that we perhaps didn’t know so well. Prudence was a part of the movement of bringing yoga to the West in the 60’s.

In fact, she had a studio in Boston is ’67 and had protesters outside her front door with ‘devil worshipper’ signs. Couldn’t help but think of the irony being at a yoga festival with hundreds of people all these years later-my how things have changed!

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Prudence is a teacher of Trans ncendental Meditation and at the time, went to India to study TM with guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. And did I mention the Beatles were there!? Well they were, and they even wrote the song ‘Dear Prudence’ about her because she wouldn’t come out of her room to stop meditating.

Her message at Wanderlust was simply delivered, yet inspired goosebumps and some teary eyes. She addressed us all like her children and informed us that we have a job to do.

We need to take responsibility for our thoughts because our attention creates the world around us. Prudence’s generation revolutionized the way we think in the West and brought consciousness to the forefront and now she is passing us the torch.

Prudence’s message really summed the whole Wanderlust experience and reaffirmed what our yoga practice is about- bringing ourselves into peace and alignment so that the world can come into peace and alignment. True Unity.

I felt the power of her statements ripple through the rest of the day as I attended my last yoga class and sat on the lawn listening to Moby play his acoustic set.

Regardless of what brought us all to Wanderlust or what style we practiced, we were all there for the same reasons-to improve ourselves so we can improve the world around us. I am grateful to Prudence for sharing her message and to each and everyone who is doing their work to make the world a more peaceful place.

I feel really honoured to have shared my experience through Lululemon Live this year. It was such a great way to document such a wonderful experience I won’t soon forget.

In gratitude,


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awesome post, couldn’t make it there this year, loved hearing about your experience and hope to make it their next year.


Comment by Bliss — August 21, 2013 @ 4:31 pm

Great post, Alex!

Comment by alison — August 27, 2013 @ 9:30 am

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