we asked: where will you be in 10 years?

we asked:

@lululemon: Where will you be in 10 years? Tag your answers w/ #WeAsked & we’ll share our favourites in Friday’s blog.

you answered:

@Fairlady4: Living and loving life in my forties with my wonderful husband & two beautiful girls!

@EVStenroos: on a VanIsland in a large boat house, creating one of a kind silverware, rowing at daw&drinking wine on the dock at dusk

@livestrongnsore: In 10 yrs - I will be doing something that fulfills me and will be enjoying precious time with my family

@JKYMA: in Vancouver working for you!!!

@Buzzpicks: 10-years closer to retirement, watching my kids finish high-school and get prepared for university, outfitting them in LuLu pants!

@HeHe126: living in a place overlooking the ocean & owning my own yoga studio :)

@carlysharec: Successful author and Oscar winner for Best Screenplay, living in England as an eccentric dog lady w/ an herb garden.

@amylrabinowitz: Yale professor in political theory by day and hot yoga teacher by night.

@SwankMama: Hopefully in Jamaica haha! No, really, I hope I'm my own boss & able to work from home to spend more time w my kids :)

@StephanieSPR: Exploring more of the world

@AimeeInPhilly: Not sure where I'll be but hopefully my butt will be exactly where it is now!

@erinklegstad: working at lululemon of course! :)

@TheHealthyE: Hopefully eating, traveling, writing, living and loving life! RT: @lululemon Where will you be in ten years?

@pknyc: In 10 years, I'll have my own Physical Therapy clinic specializing in golf, orthopedics, and golf related injuries.

@jetherojl: Perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to be a yoga instructor while working with municipalities towards greener cities.

@allthingspearly: At a place that makes me happy with someone I love and loves me back.

@WhitBenj: In 2020, I am a contributing editor with @voguemagazine or @ellemagazine, have 2 kids, and live in Coronado, California.

@cnyyogacenter: In ten years I will be in Bliss Absolute

@LA_Franchise: In 10 years I will be 5 years into my #chiropractic career, living back in #vancouver as a positive and healthy influence

@hamid_McKenzie: I want to be somewhere crazy and unexpected. Life is better when it is a mystery and an adventure.

@tifffanyandco: in ten years i'll be 31... nine years away from being financially ready to retire! (not that i will!)

@mikeunderell: High-fiving Chip in the West 4th store after @lululemon becomes the biggest sports/yoga/clothing apparel company in the world! :)

@missjulieb: In 10 yrs, I will own/run my own medical centre for women

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In ten years im hopefully going to be standing at the gold podeom at the olympics with a gold medal around my neck in gymnastics :)

Comment by Christine — September 3, 2010 @ 10:12 am

In 10 years time, I will be 53 and living in South Africa. I am lean, toned and a very successful tech entrepreneur, a leader in the African mobile revolution.

Comment by ace — September 3, 2010 @ 3:17 pm

In ten years I hope to be hiking or traveling somewhere full of vegetation and life just for me to indulge in. The wonderful world of Biology =)

Comment by Michaela — September 3, 2010 @ 10:40 pm

Hey everyone,
Loving these vision you are beginning to create for yourself. To take this wish and make it a goal, turn it into a confident statement and flesh it out with some specific details like
~ In 10 years time I have travelled to 3 different forest ecosystems and hiked through the Amazon.
~I win Olympic gold for gymnastics
It gives you something specific to aim for and adds energy and power behind your desire as you speak confidently about it. Adding details also makes it measureable so you can see your success.

Keep on developing those goals and all the best with your journey to achieving them!

Comment by Jenna ~ GEC Online Community — September 4, 2010 @ 9:42 am

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