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Welcome to the very first We Asked... You Answered. Every week we'll ask you for your thoughts and opinions on a specific topic via Twitter, and our favourite answers will be shared weekly on our blog. This week's We Asked is all about your favourite way to get around on two wheels: cycling!

best bike for beginners from lululemon

we asked

We’re looking for suggestions for first time riders. What’s the best bike for a casual ride?
- @lululemon

you answered

  • Anything with 2 wheels and brakes! As long as you're out riding, the kind of bike does not matter. But a city cruiser is great. - @tpieprzak
  • I have an Electra cruiser ~ perfect for exploring city or country areas. Plus, their paint jobs are so unique and playful! -@bySutton
  • I love my bike, it is a Diamondback Edgewood. It is a hybrid between a cruiser and a road-bike. - @thekelseyadele
  • Trek PDX, FX or 700 series. All affordable, comfy and zippy rides. - @sunnypickels247

bike safety tips

we asked

Road warriors: share your bike safety tips with us. We’ll share the best ones with everyone!
- @lululemon

you answered

  • Always make eye contact with drivers, especially at intersections. That makes them doubly aware of your presence! - @candrews
  • Basic but protect your lemon, always wear a helmet! Bike on the right, pass on the left & let people know with an 'on your left’. - @starsinthecity
  • Do NOT ride on the shoulder, too much debris and too easy to run off. use a lane, share the road means share, not hide. - @daynya
  • Ride in a predictable manner and remember that your bike tends to follow the direction your head turns. Predictable=safe. -@raflopez
  • Communication, communication, communication. Hand signals and verbally for other riders. -@jacqimoore

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