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Above: Carlson currently works as our Merchandise Allocations / Analyst Dude at the Store Support Centre in Vancouver, BC. He's wearing our Vitasea Tee Off tee, in case you were wondering.

What brought you to lululemon?

Six years ago, I was in downward dog at Yoga Passage in Calgary, and like many newbie yogis I took the occasional casual glances around the room and noticed the fine glutes of a yogini in front of me … and THEN I noticed the strategically placed lululemon logo on her pants.  From then on I just noticed the stylized “A” on the clothing of more and more yogis and eventually searched out to experience the lululemon 4th St. store. On my first visit, I tried on a pair of… whatever the predecessor of the asana pant was - from there on my unorthodoxly hairy asian legs and smooth bottom were sold.

How  I became employed at lululemon was actually all based on chance.  I walked into Market Mall when the lavender was still fresh and the painted walls were still scuff-free and I ran into a buddy who then was working as an educator.  He told me he was opening up the new Southcentre store as assistant manager and if I had free time and wanted to work in a chill and low-key place to give him a shout.

What do you like best about working at lululemon? What do you like best about your role?

The vision, mission and manifesto were the first corporate intents I was able to strongly relate to.  The culture and the lifestyles supported by lululemon blends seamlessly with my personal values.

I love sports, I love sweating, I love conversing, I love cotton fleece/luon/french terry, I love yoga, I love eating, I love living, I love laughing and it’s remarkable I can do it all without restraint in an organizational environment.

I love how our simply complex and complexing-ly simple responsibilities impact and support our stores for success and in turn sets myself and others around me for personal, health and financial success.

I love how I can define my role, yet the responsibilities and learning opportunities have no borders; how I can be selfish by being enrolled and taught by others yet also be selfless by unconditionally giving to others  to ultimately influence and guide all beings to lead longer, healthier more fun lives; I strongly believe this is how we transcend mediocrity.

What skills / qualities have made you successful in your role?

  • Breathe… and breathe ujjayi often
  • Listening and asking strategic questions without hesitation
  • Empathy and patience
  • Have conversations with your colleagues, with educators, with guests, with community leaders to teach and learn
  • Yoga, yoga, and more yoga (and a little bit of circuit training, biking, volleyball, running, snowboarding)

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be in your role in the future?

Don’t get too caught up in the details - keep an eye on the big picture, that BHAG (big-hairy-ass/audacious-goal) we all have and just have fun getting there together. Don’t rush from the beginning to the end; just ride the breath like sweet untouched pow and enjoy the journey.

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