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Michelina is one cool cat. Originally from Ontario, Michelina works as our Local Social Media Specialist at the lululemon Store Support Centre in Vancouver. Her SeaWheeze story is one of how life can change like crazy in just one short, very sweaty year.

michelina's SeaWheeze story

Where did you grow up? Brampton, Ontario – it's the fastest-growing city in Canada, look it up!

How did you sweat growing up? Were you a runner? I played competitive basketball – I could shoot well but running wasn't my strong suit on the court. My coach always told me I had to play smart because speed wasn't my forte!

Where do you live now? Beautiful Vancouver, B.C.

What made you decide to run the SeaWheeze this year? It all goes back to last year's SeaWheeze. At this time last year, I had goals to move from Ottawa (where I was living at the time post-university) to Vancouver. I saw some co-worker's Instagram posts of the SeaWheeze launch party last year and had major FOMO – it was then that I decided I was going to Vancouver to run. When I ended up coming here, I spent a day working with the social media team and discovered what I wanted to do with my career next. What was great about the experience is that my "online friends" became my real-life pals – we ran beside each other, worked together and had an amazing weekend. It was through these connections made during the SeaWheeze weekend that I achieved my goal of moving to Vancouver and getting a job in my new favourite city.

What is it that you love about Vancouver in the summertime? I discovered this city – the beaches, mountains and neighborhoods – via the SeaWheeze. It was an incredible way to drink in this city and I fell in love. I love that on one run you can see mountains AND the beach from downtown – it is so unique. The yoga scene here is incredible and the communities are great – there is a ton of diversity but everything is close together. Vancouver has big city feel but it's still small enough to feel at home.

What running goal are trying to accomplish this year? I have a lofty running goal that's actually going to take longer than a year. My friend Danielle and I set a goal to run five of the coolest half-marathons in the world over the next five years. Some we're thinking about include the Rock 'N Roll Marathon in the UK, the San Francisco Nike Half-Marathon and more. It's a great way to stay in shape and incorporate some great travel!

What is one goal you haven't reached that you are still trying to attain? This one eats at me big time. When I was 16 years old, we visited the Great Wall Of China on a school trip. Once I got the photo op, I quit climbing before I got to the top. When I think about this it drives me nuts and one day I will get back there and summit the highest point!

Are you a morning or evening runner? In Ottawa I had to be a morning runner because it is so hot in summer. I am so excited to be able to train at different times of day this Spring in Vancouver.

What kind of yoga do you do to complement your run training? Vinyasa Flow is the practice that I love (I practice at least two times a week) - I know my body will begin craving Yin as training gets more intense and then I'll switch over.

What are you going to eat the night before the SeaWheeze? Pizza and pasta, hold the wine. I am Italian after all!

We are going to be featuring different runners over the next few weeks who are running SeaWheeze - why they are running, some tips they have and what keeps them inspired. Are you running SeaWheeze 2013? Follow along to get amped up for the big day! If you are interested in participating in the SeaWheeze weekend but missed out on signing up, we still have tons on volunteering opportunities - come party with us!

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Michelina!!! So happy to hear you are running this year! Last year you, Thea, and Andrea (amongst many other lulu friends I knew running) really inspired me to be sure to achieve my goal of running it in 2013! My post pregnancy (and post-gaining-50lbs-of-baby) body is very different and I know it won’t come easily, but I WILL be there and WILL complete and I seriously cannot wait! I hope to see you and your smiling face there!! Haidan will be cheering me on, a moment only I will probably remember :)
P.s I just HAVE to meet chip too!!!!

Comment by Stephanie Berry — March 22, 2013 @ 12:24 pm

Hey Michelina great blog.It really inspires one to run and to participate.

Comment by dieta equilibrada — March 29, 2013 @ 12:34 pm

I love SeaWheeze!!! I was there last year and going again this year. I have a feeling this will be an annual thing for me. It was really cool participate in the very first SeaWheeze half EVER!!! I love everything about Lululemon so its really awesome that they started this run. All of my Lululemon/SeaWheeze blog posts have received by far the most hits, so there are others out there who as obsessed as me.

Have a great run, hopefully the weather won’t be too hot!!!

Keili – keilisadventures.blogspot.com

Comment by Keili — July 22, 2013 @ 10:42 pm

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