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Jes is no stranger to running. A member of our Facilities team here at lululemon's Store Support Centre, Jes has gone running 3 to 4 times a week for as long as I've known her. We used to work at a restaurant together and I remember her still finding time to sweat after long night shifts. However, the SeaWheeze will be Jes' first-ever half marathon. She's pretty pumped - let's hear what makes her heart race about the big day (sorry, that was bad).

meet jes

alexis: so tell me - how long have you been running for? 

jes: When I was young I lived in Australia and was part of a group called Little Athletics - my love of sport came at a young age.  I have always been athletic - I played volleyball, basketball and was on the track and field team in high school. Once I graduated I got my personal training certificate in Alberta and then moved out to B.C. Once I got here, I never actually launched my personal training business (I became a hair stylist instead...kinda different, I know!) but I maintained my own fitness and running is a big part of how I like to train.

alexis: so...considering you are a certified personal trainer, it's kind of random you've never done a half marathon. what compelled you to sign up for SeaWheeze?

jes: A long time ago I broke my leg in two places and stopped running longer distances because of it - my ligaments had torn and long training runs became very painful. I've done lots of 5 and 10k races, but only in recent years have I started running longer distances again. When I began working at lululemon I set a goal to run SeaWheeze in 2013. I'm super happy that my body is feeling strong enough to do this - I realized that while my injury was real, I didn't have to let it define what I can do. I may not be the speedster I was when I did track and field back in the day but I can still have a great time on August 10th!

alexis: what kind of yoga do you practice to augment your run training?

jes: I go to Hatha class a couple of times a week and it really helps with sore muscles and flexibility. When my IT band is giving me trouble, I always go to Yin class - the long poses are challenging but it's the best thing I've found to fix the tightness in my hip and knee.

alexis: you are a pretty funny cat. are you going to run by yourself or with a friend on race day so you can giggle and take it all in?

jes: I am going to run with a friend! This isn't a "race" for me - I'm not going for a specific time. For me, SeaWheeze is about seeing Vancouver in a cool way, taking in the sights and sounds and people watching! Having a good time and having my body feel strong is celebration enough.

There are many reasons people sign up for races - some have concrete goals they are achieving, whereas others do it for the experience. Why are you running the SeaWheeze this year?

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Way to go Jes! Keep on keepin’ on. Can’t wait to see you at the finish line (or any other seawheeze training run in between).

Comment by Wendy — April 12, 2013 @ 11:25 pm

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