why we love this: skidless towel

Elim, staying put!

Slipping and sliding is for the water park, not for yoga practice!

For my hot yoga classes I bring my yoga mat and a large beach towel to layer on top. I don't usually have any issue with slipping but after hearing rave reviews from my fellow lemons about the skidless towel, I was convinced to try it. My review? AWESOME. In addition to the extra grip, the material helped absorb all my sweat so I couldn't slip.

Gone was the distraction of having to rearrange my towel after a few poses or staring at beads of my sweat. Getting a grip never felt so good!

Why We Made This:
-Is the only tool created to prevent slipping while practicing yoga. It's super absorbent, and puts a -hygienic layer between you and the yoga mat or any exercise equipment.
-The nubs are made with 100% silicone, healthy for mother earth.
-Mat size: 24" x 68"

Want your own skid-free experience? Visit your local lululemon store or check it out online. Check out some more photos from my test drive below:

Talk about grip!

You aren't sliding around at all on this thing! Even when wet!

Hand's aren't going anywhere!

The mat doesn't bunch up!

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One good tip I got when I bought it from one of your stores was to put a drop or two of water on the mat before laying it down so as to help it stick.

Definitely great. Washes easily too, though I don’t put it through the dryer, so as to make sure none of the little nubs come off.

Also, great because it’s very thin and much less bulky than a regular towel!

Comment by Tom — June 8, 2009 @ 3:45 pm

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