why we love this: the tight & mini

Why I love the Tight & Mini? Surprise! Who knew there was anything more you could do with a legging!

not too tight, and not too mini

The Tight & Mini came out recently and I was skeptical at first sight. What was that flap of fabric? Did I really need another pair of leggings? How different could this pair be? Of course, the minute I put them on, I found all the answers to my questions.

tree time

The mysterious flap of fabric turned out to be a great little detail that created coverage over my bum (the look of wearing a tunic without having to wear all the layers) and hips. The design of this extra piece is smart too as the waistline is stitched down and tacked in the back so it doesn't fold or roll up.


The rise on this style is a lower waist than any other legging we've done so far. I personally am a fan of a lower waistline and really like where they sat on my hips. With something so low, it was great that a drawstring waist was added to the equation for extra support should I need it.

close up of bar tack

Bonus: You can alter the length of the tights! 5 bar tacks can be found on the inside seam on either leg. As long as you cut just under that seam, the inside seam will not unravel. Genius!

With so many features packed into this design, it's everything BUT Tight & Mini!

work, life, play

The Tight & Mini gets me from work, to yoga, to play!

For more info and some Tight & Mini close-ups, visit: http://shop.lululemon.com/The_Tight_and_Mini/pd/np/560/p/1485.html

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