you come for the pants, you stay for the people

Carlson and Laurel

“You come for the pants, you stay for the people.” If you ask around our office and in our stores, you will quickly find that this statement rings true 99% of the time (the other 1% likely came for the people in the first place). We sat down with Laurel and Carlson at our Store Support Centre to learn more about their unique journeys at lululemon, the numerous roles they've had and some epic goals they've crushed this year.

how did you find lululemon?


I first found lululemon when I was 18 and training for my first marathon. My lululemon outfit of Groove Shorts and a Deep-V Tank was my race outfit and reward for successfully completing my training (we only designed for yoga at the time). I started working for lululemon as a part-time educator at our Robson street store while finishing my university degree and pursuing triathlon. I honestly applied at every location we had in the area. Needless to say, I loved it, found my people, my product and my stride and never left.


Seven years ago, a buddy of mine from a senior Management Business Course in university was looking for extra hands at the Calgary Southcentre store where he was the Assistant Manager.  I finished my degree requirements a semester early so I had time.  I like clothes, I did yoga, I pumped iron and loved to laugh so I said "Hell, why not!?”. It's been a match made in heaven ever since.

what job(s) have you had with lululemon?


I’ve been an Educator, Keyleader, Facilities Coordinator, on a contract for special projects and I now find myself blissfully situated in Leadership and Development as a Project Specialist (read: ninja).


I've been an Educator, Key Leader, Allocator for Mens, then Accessories, then New Store Openings/E-commerce/Australia/ivivva, Men's Merchandise Associate  and now, I'm the Men's Product Storyteller.

how do you like to sweat?


Running is my passion, my moving meditation and the way I like to see the world. I balance it with yoga, especially an extra sweaty power class, though slow and gentle yoga has its place in my heart too. I like to mix it up with swimming, dancing, epic adventure and cruising on my ridiculously heavy purple cruiser bike (with handlebar tassels).


Sweat once a day – I truly take this line in the manifesto to heart! I yogs, I pilates, I bike, I cycle, I run, I circuit, I snowboard, I ski, I skate ski, I kayak, I trek, I hike… and I sorta swim.

what's an epic goal you've crushed while at lululemon?


I was training to be an elite athlete and had a goal to compete in Olympic and Ironman distance triathlons at a competitive level. I applied for elite status, got it and brought myself to that level, which was such a neat place to be. Once I accomplished that goal, I realized that it wasn't what made me happy. Making it to that point, acknowledging that it wasn't what I wanted and having the tools to be completely okay with it was an important milestone for me.


Finished top 25% in my age category in the Whistler GranFondo –yeah baby.

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Sometimes I just linger at the store to meet people like these!! Lululemon really is a community more than it is a store!! I’m already planning my next excursion to the store to see if anyone wants to go for a run!

Comment by Elle — October 15, 2012 @ 1:10 pm

I would love to work with people like this everyday! I love that Laurel says, ” Running is my passion, my moving meditation and the way I like to see the world.” I love “moving meditation”! I also really like that Carlson says sweat once a day. Lululemon is the best!!

Comment by Melissa — October 17, 2012 @ 10:49 am

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