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Anthony Agtarap

Anthony is a husband, a father, and a former professional engineer who switched careers to follow his passion of empowering people to live a pain-free, healthy, and strong life full of vitality. He is also the founder of Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning (aka CrossFit Port Moody).

If you have chronic pains in your daily life and you are tired of not being able to enjoy what life has to offer or if pains are limiting your athletic potential then he will determine the source of those pains and give you the knowledge and systems to eliminate them once and for all. Once you,re pain-free,

Anthony helps you move to the best of your ability, then teach you the technical skills that will build a stronger, more powerful, more robust, more energized, more athletic, and more confident version of yourself that you can feel proud of for the rest of your new life. Imagine what that life could be like. He can help you make that a reality.

He is committed to building a strong, supportive, and engaging community of quality "movers" and strives to make a positive change in the community we do business in. He has created and supports many local charity initiatives and continues to support small-businesses in the community. He helps people in the community connect.

Anthony is also driven to seek knowledge and gets excited to share this knowledge with his clients, his teammates, and his community. He has connected with other health and fitness professionals locally and internationally so that they can deliver high-quality educational workshops for other trainers and coaches hosted at Engineered Bodies. He believes by providing education and knowledge, the overall quality of the health and wellness industry will evolve. He wants to be a big part of that evolution.