Costa Mesa : South Coast Plaza

Alum Ambassador Pamela George

Passionate about the correlation between exercise and one’s overall physical and mental wellness, Pamela is excited to share her energy and her love for the Pure Barre technique with the students in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

Pamela fell in love with the Pure Barre technique because it consistently provides challenge, regardless of fitness level. Whether you’re a long time athlete, dancer, or you’ve never picked up a weight in your life, Pamela believes Pure Barre is a fantastic ritual to incorporate into your life in order achieve a balanced body of both strength and flexibility. It combines elements of grace and control with an intense, yet low impact workout focusing on building core strength...a body discipline that teaches how to be calm and serene on the surface, while fighting to maintain focus, determination and composure within.

Having been an athlete since childhood growing up in the San Fernando Valley with soccer, volleyball, track & swim, Pamela applies her knowledge from the various sports training with her seasoned mind/body awareness to every Pure Barre class.

Pamela attended the University of California Irvine and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Pyschology and Social Behavior. Pamela co-owned/operated a children’s fitness summer beach camp in Santa Monica with her 3 siblings.

She currently lives an active lifestyle in Orange County enjoying running, biking, swimming and especially, Pure Barre.