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Alum Ambassador Valentina Khan


Valentina Khan is the creator and founder of Dance Barre. She has been a lover of dance since childhood and has been exposed to traditional dance forms such as ballet, tap, jazz, classical Indian, and other forms of Middl...e Eastern and Ballroom dance techniques. She completed a 200 hour teacher training program at Yogaworks, Costa Mesa in 2008, and has been teaching ever since. The calling to learn about the body, and how one could use their own body to achieve optimal results instead of relying on machines or other external forces was what fascinated her to learn more about the mystery of Yoga. She found that the stretching and breathing techniques of yoga blended with any type of dance movement is highly effective, in particular for the female body. Valentina's passion for movement and music inspired her to create a method of her own, called Dance Barre.

Dance Barre was created out of the obvious need to add some fun and spark to the barre. Inspired by Latin, Middle Eastern and other cultural dance traditions, the Dance Barre style not only continues to carry its elements of classical barre, but is fused with modern movement to help keep the heart rate up, the body in constant motion, and the muscles warm. Although Dance Barre was developed out of the sheer adventure of developing a new and eccentric way of teaching barre, it's main purposes have been to explore a creative and collaborative effort to keep one moving, grooving, and shaking to a healthier body and confident outlook on one's overall well-being!

In addition to her dedication to teaching Yoga and Dance Barre, Valentina has studied law and is currently receiving a Master of Arts degree from the Claremont School of Theology. She has co-founded a non-profit organization called "I Am Jerusalem" whose mission is to bring like-minded faiths together to understand and appreciate their commonalities while respecting their differences. She has a keen sensitivity and appreciation for collaborating and working with others, which is how she hopes to to combine her law background and non-profit work. She strongly believes that if people from any type of profession take the time to really enjoy their workout, have fun and smile while doing it, they can better serve in whatever capacity they wish. By working hard for yourself, one can work more efficiently and productively for others. This is how her love for fitness, her background in law and work in the community fold in together. If any part is out of balance, she feels everything else suffers.

Valentina shares the sentiment of many others, that fitness should be a top priority as it leads to many more benefits in one's daily life.See More