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Alum Ambassador Wes Pedersen

Wes Pedersen is a local running coach and personal trainer at Equinox Newport Beach.
Wes created and is the lead coach for the Equinox Road Runners Club (EQRRC) at
Newport Beach where the goal is to build a running community while training for local
races ranging from 5k to the full marathon. Wes has been running for 15 years and
has trained and raced for every distance from 400 meters to the full marathon. He has
completed over a dozen half marathons (1:26 personal best) and three full marathons.
His next challenge is to requalify for the Boston Marathon when running the 2013 Surf
City Marathon.
Wes has loved living in Southern California for the past seven years with his wonderful
wife Hayley. In the past two years they have been overjoyed (and maybe a little
exhausted) while raising their beautiful son Quinn who loves to ride in the stroller and
watch Elml videos while Mommy and Daddy go for a run.