Garden City Center

Carrie Birth

Carrie (CB) is an avid runner whose dream goal is to qualify for the Marathon Olympic Trials. CB is a little different than the average runner having played multiple sports throughout college and not starting to run until after graduation. In peak shape ready to go after it at the 2010 Chicago Marathon – - the weather had different plans and had to race more conservatively, netting a 3:03. CB currently works for P&G – where she has lived, trained and raced in Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and now recently Providence, RI. CB currently runs for Coach Randy Cox– and is focusing on speed work and building mileage before attempting to qualify again. CB loves, breathes, and supports the running community anyway she can via speaking, coaching, and supporting young girls... Read the profile >>

Coral Brown

Coral Brown, MA, 500-eRYT, teaches Prana Flow® Yoga, created by Shiva Rea. She leads retreats, workshops and teacher trainings and is honored to be a Yoga Journal contributor and conference presenter. Coral's teaching style fuses the energetic, creative energy of Prana Flow® yoga with her experience as a Holistic Counselor. Her integrative yet lighthearted approach invites students to unite mind, body, and spirit to transcend physical asana and create space for conscious evolution. By honoring the breath, students are drawn into the "river of prana," connecting with the universal life force and increasing their own capacity for compassion and self-revelation. Coral received her Masters of Arts from Salve Regina University's Holistic Counseling program. She sees clients and... Read the profile >>

David Newton Parr

David is receiving his RYT certification through Philip Urso, Stacy Dockins, and Deb Williamson's Live Love Teach Program. David was born and grew up in Exeter, New Hampshire. David has been working professionally in the restaurant business for 30 years, graduating from The Culinary Institute of America, working as a professional chef for many high end restaurants in Boston, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, before becoming the owner of Bridge Restaurant (Raw Bar) River Patio, Westerly, Rhode Island. David's passions include creating amazingly tasty dishes, hiking, teaching and taking yoga for over 10 years, riding his Harley whenever possible, caring for his 2 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Franklin Stein and Lucy, and practicing Shambhala Meditation. David's authentic style of... Read the profile >>

Debbie Valois

Debbie Valois is a 500 RYT- 200 ERYT with Yoga Alliance and teaches Prana Flow Yoga. Her foundational training was with Shiva Rea and she has also been blessed with the opportunity to assist, teach and mentor through the Samudra School and Coral Brown with LiveLoveYoga. Prana Flow® - Energetic Vinyasa is a full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga created by Shiva Rea. Students of all levels are empowered to experience Prana - the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence - as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Experience innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow within the rhythm of class. Yoga is a huge part of her life on and off the mat, Debbie lives her life as an embodiment of flow. As a... Read the profile >>

Jessie Dwiggins

Jessie Dwiggins, RYT-200, is a Forrest Yoga instructor certified by Ana Forrest. She has found vitality within her physical body, freedom from emotional patterns that don’t serve her wellbeing, and zest for life through her yoga practice. Jessie’s classes emphasize healthy alignment and the exploration of breath, movement, and mindfulness. Jessie holds a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology and she is a Wellcoaches certified Wellness Coach, Licensed Am I Hungry? Instinctive Eating Facilitator, and certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. She is currently completing her graduate degree in nutrition, with an emphasis on mindful eating, at the University of Rhode Island. Jessie believes in a holistic approach to wellness rooted in healthy behavior practices. She believes... Read the profile >>

Joshua Bird

Joshua Bird is the Full Time Head Coach at CrossFit Providence. He is a co-owner and has been training athletes and teaching movement for 10 years. Josh is CrossFit Level I Certified with a wide and varied athletic background including: competing in rugby for Providence Rugby Club in the US nationals, playing for Lisburn Rugby club in Northern Ireland and completing a century in cycling. His philosophy as a coach is to master the fundamentals; to teach “mastery before intensity”. Once the fundamentals are mastered, it opens up a new world to “whole” fitness, creates a new found connection with the body, and inspires the athlete to go farther and higher. Certifications and Courses: CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Olympic Lifting CrossFit Endurance Read the profile >>