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Carrie Birth

Carrie (CB) is an avid runner whose dream goal is to qualify for the Marathon Olympic Trials. CB is a little different than the average runner having played multiple sports throughout college and not starting to run until after graduation. In peak shape ready to go after it at the 2010 Chicago Marathon – - the weather had different plans and had to race more conservatively, netting a 3:03. CB currently works for P&G – where she has lived, trained and raced in Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and now recently Providence, RI. CB currently runs for Coach Randy Cox– and is focusing on speed work and building mileage before attempting to qualify again. CB loves, breathes, and supports the running community anyway she can via speaking, coaching, and supporting young girls aspiring to become runners. Simply doing anything to give back to the sport that has given her so much! When not on the roads she LOVES to crossfit, trail run, hike, anything else HARD CORE J She tends to have one gear – all in!!! GAME ON