Cranston : Garden City Center

Jessie Dwiggins


Jessie Dwiggins, RYT-200, is a Forrest Yoga instructor certified by Ana
Forrest. She has found vitality within her physical body, freedom from
emotional patterns that don’t serve her wellbeing, and zest for life through
her yoga practice. Jessie’s classes emphasize healthy alignment and the
exploration of breath, movement, and mindfulness. Jessie holds a degree in
nutrition and exercise physiology and she is a Wellcoaches certified Wellness Coach, Licensed Am I Hungry?
Instinctive Eating Facilitator, and certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. She is currently completing her
graduate degree in nutrition, with an emphasis on mindful eating, at the University of Rhode Island. Jessie
believes in a holistic approach to wellness rooted in healthy behavior practices. She believes that yoga is a
channel through which lifestyle changes become easier as the body, mind, and spirit integrate. She
incorporates insights from her own self-discovery, yoga practice, and education to create a meaningful life.